Saturday, February 05, 2011

Can I Afford It?

I'm actually bummed out. I got this nice top for a friend of mine and I was intending to get the black one as well for myself but alas, I don't need to do my budget calculations to know that I can't afford it :( And best of all, guess how much is it? $15. I have more than that lying in my room, in my bank accounts and I could just ask them to swipe my freaking credit card, but nope, I realized that I can't afford it. 

Once I've done my actual calculations, I find that I'm slightly behind in my projected budget. See, it's a no brainer. I really can't afford it. 

See, we always underestimate the value of money because we only think of now, as in right now, not as in later. Even people with a lot of money do budgeting. There are of course, those who have way too much money and don't know what to do with the surplus that they actually gamble much of them away. Those that know the value of money think far and years ahead of their time to make sure they will live comfortably in the future and if things were to happen to them or their family members, at least they are covered for. 

Cool, huh? Not cool is when I'm still sore about not getting the top. I mean, how can I not be? I've been wanting to get that top for the longest time but I thought it was pricey coz it's rather plain and simple and it cost almost $30 bucks?! And now that same damn thing is selling at half the price :S *eurgh*

So..should I? or should I not?

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