Sunday, February 20, 2011

Online Shopping

I just found a website that sells NYX Cosmetics that are not selling in Sephora and also in the personal stores which are so affordable in Singapore and they are currently having a huge discount. 

Go to G Market (Singapore Version)

They claimed that their items are authentic and all the way from US. I was this close at getting the NYX 10 shadow palette from a US website until I saw how much is the shipping charges and I almost fainted. And that thing itself doesn't really cost much. And then to know that in Singapore they are selling the item and I managed to get mine at $14.60. For a freaking 10 shadow palette!! And I was twittering about how expensive a Maybelline eyeshadow palette is with just 4 colours.

But I shall not blow my horn too early and I will get the item first before committing to my next purchase which is one of the top selling lipgloss in Make Up Geek store, a US online make up site. And that item, including local normal postage, is less than $10. Even my EZ link top up doesn't cost less that $10!

I also did not want to commit yet because I told myself I am not going to make any other purchases until I can settle some of my bills and that I have to be wise about my spending within the next couple of weeks or even more. Besides, I can always get the item later and it's not something that I wanted as yet. For now, I just want an eye shadow palette with at least 10 different kinds of colours because the one that I currently have, which is the the imitation of MAC, the colours don't show up at all. If there is some colour, it's hardly noticeable. Then for this NYX, the make up gurus seem to recommend for those on a budget.

It's also to not make me think so much about the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette. That one, can get much much later, haha.., or not at all. While the colours are so pretty and very wearable with high pigmentation and intensity (so much praising in one sentence there), I believe that if you at least tried your best to look good, be positive, smile and is friendly and approachable, it doesn't really matter if you are using an expensive one or an  inexpensive one. Same goes for clothes and accessories such as bags. Sure, people do set themselves some standards and they would rather die than carry a Charles & Keith bag as opposed to a Coach original handbag. At the end of the oohs and aahs, no matter what, it is still...a bag to put things into. 

Since Friday and over the weekend, I do feel like I'm pretty, and it's not coz I am but I would say I'm just very average looking. But maybe it's coz of my hair or how I did my eyebrows, I felt a little bit more confident that usual even though I'm just wearing basic ordinary clothes that have been around many years. I also feel that if you don't constantly compare yourself to others such as how this girl is better looking than you, how her legs are so much slimmer, you will be happier. Just be comfortable in your own skin and just do things that are good for your body and soul :)

So much prep talk just to get my mind out of the Urban Decay make up..haha...

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