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Fitness 101: Dumbbells

I like writing about stuffs that are also not directly related to my life so that I can help girls younger or around  my age to reach the peak of their confidence level simply by being more comfortable in their own skin :) So do read up my articles titled 101 something something and hopefully you can learn a thing or two.

I can't say I'm totally nuts for good health but I have to emphasize that you still need to know the importance of good health. And being in good health doesn't necessarily mean avoiding high cholesterol food only. Exercising is still a must, even if you don't run in marathons. I can safely say that you are in good hands as long as you eat more of what is good for your body and less of what is bad. Don't forget to also exercise so that your body will remain in tip top condition and you don't fall sick so often because it's not just going to affect you but also your work and your personal lifestyle. No boss likes to have a sickly subordinate.

This time, Fitness 101 presents to you....dumbbells.

Okay I know a LOT of girls fear these things as they are afraid their muscles will bulk up and soon they will be like the female version of Jon Cena. Really, you won't bulk up. Those women wrestlers who are way too bulky for the frames take a long LONG time to be of that size. And they also take special concoctions of milk shake and other forms of special diets. So you are basically good to go.

If correctly used, you can actually achieve leaner and more toned muscles and if you can build up muscles, you actually can burn more fats and therefore lose even more weight so it's a really win win situation. You won't have that irritating flabby skin and with a leaner frame, you will look less 'clumsy' looking. Not to sound offensive especially those on a heavier side, coz frankly speaking, I still am on the heavy side though not so much like the last time as I was rather sick and tired of looking the way I am and having problems finding clothes that fit me without me looking like a spare tent.

One of the ways I managed to have more toned looking arms is using dumbbells. At first, it was rather awkward and I thought how these heavy yet puny looking things can help me achieve leaner looking arms. I used to always wear long sleeves to cover up my arms coz I found them to be so big and clumsy looking. After a while of hitting the gym, I decided to use them since nobody really used them anyway and I kinda liked it. Soon, I got rather addicted to it and after months later, I realized that as I was losing weight, I didn't quite have the effects of losing weight like loose flabby skin. And I find myself more and more confident in not wearing long sleeves all the time and I could now wear a variety of blouses, except for sleeveless ones coz they're still not my thang.

But I have to admit that I didn't do dumbbells for a very long time now as I concentrated on the rowing machine and other weight machines which I now realize are good but maybe not good enough to work on the smaller muscle groups. Probably the rowing machine may have helped me to maintain those arms and chest muscles that I have but I find that I still have the problems of big looking arms and I think the way to go now is to start making use of dumbbells again.

The free and easy dumbbells work on your smaller muscles and unlike those weight machines which are pretty standard in their movements, you can do a variety of movements with dumbbells. Don't believe me? I found this very useful website that you may want to take a look at. It contains a variety of moves that you can actually do:

Dumbbell Exercises

The best is to buy those rather lightweight dumbbells which you can use every day at home. For an even more toned looking arms and chest muscles, you can also buy those long exercise rubber bands and do your toning alongside with the dumbbells. They work wonders together.

So this Sunday, I am going to try out those dumbbells. I don't really like to hang around that section coz they're mostly guys so it's so weird but I guess I can find some small corner near to the rack of dumbbells to get me some work out.

Give it a try :)

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