Sunday, February 06, 2011

Istana Open House & Dinner Meet Up

I stepped into the Istana for the first time on Friday and I tell ya, the snaking queue was a headache to be in though it was moving quite fast. Anyway, after a little miscom at the security checking area, heh.., we are finally in the premise which seriously looked like the Botanic Gardens. The Istana itself was quite a distance away and the skies were quickly turning dark so we had to hurry hurry! But of course, photo taking was always in order ;P

Yes this is us camwhoring in the premise of the Istana vast garden..(pics courtesy of my friend and her 'accomplices'..if it's badly taken, probably me..haha..)

Excited school girls..

Picture taken in the 60s..okay not..

I have a big gun..

taking a jibe at my friends said I looked like supergirl

Prior to that, long queue can't stop us from posing!!

My friend with the Istana in the was gonna rain soon.

What a way to end...a shot with a cute guard! heh heh..

So we were seriously famished after that and we met up with a good friend of ours who went to her workplace to finished her job..on a public hols (!). The places that we walked through were pretty quiet so we were in disbelief when our friend said that Burger King was crowded and thought she was being all drama mama.

But she was right! Anyway, we made our quick getaway and made it to Popeye's at the Singapore Flyer. Love the chicken from Popeye's.

And who could not resist taking spastic shots but my two good friends and also random shots as if we were pretending to do something else without facing the camera but obviously we failed at that too..haha..And Nats has been watching too many ANTM though of course, she has the best pose, hands down :)

Now who said I can't sashay down an imaginary runway

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