Saturday, February 05, 2011

Becoming My Own Boss

Actually, one of my dreams is to set up my own online shop selling handmade accessories. I want to make it affordable to girls and young women who do not have deep pockets but would like to own beautiful exclusive accessories which they can use when they doll themselves up. Alas, I lack motivation and inspiration...haha. Plus, I don't think I have that much talent in doing them anyway though I know if I can learn make up from you tube, I can also learn making costume jeweleries by watching you tube videos as well, eh?

We shall see..

Anyway, those of you who dreams of owning your own shop, whether a bricks and mortar kind or the virtual kind, do know that owning a business is NOT an easy job. Better still, don't give up your day job yet unless you are really sure that you want to quit to fully focus on your business and that you have enough savings to last you in the months ahead that you are without pay and not breaking even yet.

There are like so many online shops nowadays set up by very young women selling fashion apparels that I would say we can be spoilt for choice but seriously, when I look at most of the clothes, I'm like..eurgh..not nice. I think they should be more selective on the goods they bring in to sell and not just coz they're on super offer by the wholesalers. Plus, they're pretty much the same as all the other online sellers. And please, not all of the shoppers are skinny, eh?

But I guess I'm determined to start my own online shop, just for the love and er..heck of it. I'm not looking into making a tidy sum out of it actually. At least, it can be a talking point? oh, I have my own blogshop..something in that line.

Plus, it gives me an excuse to do something about my time such as not wasting it and also, I like seeing those beads etc and then thinking about creative ways on stringing them up and making beautiful accessories :) 

So do you think I will achieve my dream of setting up my own blogshop? Oh we shall see. I shall give myself the time frame of up to end of this month. If I can't produce anything, it's just a dream I guess.

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