Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Teddy Obsession

If you read my blog, you will know that I love my soap dramas but do you know that I love watching thrashy ones as well? If I'm watching dramas because I want to hone my language and written skills, I would rather read literature.

Okay kidding. I like all kinds of dramas, even those with storylines that make laugh out loud or just be so baffled, I think my intelligence hasn't been insulted coz I find myself way more cleverer than the writers. And I can't write for nuts. That says a lot. I watch some kinds of dramas coz of one thing: the guys. It's downright shallow and downright true as well. Just like how some people are seriously addicted to all the scripted dramas on reality tv. And they say guys watch such dramas because the show is so intelligent and not coz they want to see Kim Kardashian in her bikini. So come on, girls need to have fun too!

 One of my current obsessions is...90210!! My friend was like wondering, why the heck I watched such trashy shows. Believe me, she's right. But if there is one thing..or rather person..that makes me come back again and again to you tube (coz I live in Singapore and ain't got such thing...except for one period of time), is my Teddy Montgomery!!

With clothes..

And without clothes...

It's a high school drama, yet all of them looked like they stepped out of the school yonks ago. And Mr Montgomery is no exception. The actor behind it is Trevor Donovan and his acting's fine actually. He really enjoys it, as I can see via the kissing scenes. His character dates almost every single woman in school, except the nerdy ones of course, and let's say, he has a change in taste now.

Good looks are a must if they want to sustain such dramas for a long, long time especially if the script isn't up to par. So people like me will come back again and again...muahahaha!!

And I'm even more excited coz they are going to add more hawt male characters, whether recurring or guest roles. Aah, my virtual life on you tube is almost complete.

So how many of you really watch the dramas coz of the plotlines *boring*

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