National Day Celebrations 2014 - First & Last Time at the Marina Floating Bay

Slightly more than a month ago, we actually got the chance (for the first time in our life..yayness!) to watch the nations's birthday in all its glory right at the heart of it! To know that it would be the last time that they would have the performance there since next year onwards, they would hold it at the Sports Hub, we were truly blessed indeed. 

Of course, this being a national event, we had to go through a very thorough security check even before we could go the platform itself. I am glad that I didn't bring a lot of things but yeah, I think I would say that I'm pretty embarrassed about the things I bring, hehe.I also had to be 'scanned' by a female officer in case I bring in anything suspicious. 

After that, it was another walk to the floating platform but first, we collected the fun bag. It was crowded as expected but they were super efficient and they kept emphasizing that there is NO choosing of colours. I mean you're managing thousands of people and seriously, I would be embarrassed carrying such multi coloured bag in such bright colours, haha. So I don't care. Apparently the person infront of me cared about it holding the line as he sorta refused to move because he was trying to get the colour he wanted. 

While everything was organized, the hilarious moment came when we went to the designated area to go to our seat (finally!) but the signages sorta stopped halfway. It didn't point that we should be going up the stair case and instead it pointed right which, uhm, were the rows of mobile toilets. But oh well, we saw some confused people but then decided to follow a family which were obviously smarter than us clowns and lo and behold, many many stairs!

Once we reached our seats, we had to be ushered and yet again, no choosing of seats and basically had to fill up the front rows first all the way. The whole process deserved us to be digging right straight into the fun bag for some snacks, haha.

It was awesome when they displayed all the war machines and telling us some cool very interesting facts about them. Also, first time seeing seasoned army parachuters coming down from the sky and landing safely. Talk about the war machines, I think the coolest thing to know is that one of the drivers for the tank is a female! Yes, clearly the announcer made sure we heard 'SHE' to emphasize that it's a female driver in a male dominated industry. Wow, she must have had a very very impressive career in the army. Oh, one of the parachuters is also a female. Hah, who says we ain't tough.

Then while we can't see with our own eyes the important political leaders of Singapore but through the screen, we cheered for them when they came in. For some time already, they wore red and white ensemble, our national colours, instead of all white which is the colour of choice for the dominant political group.

Oh, and the show begins! We were treated to a kaleidoscope of colours, songs to sing-a-long too (terribly, but oh well..) and performances after performances.

The weather was so kind except it drizzled a bit  initially but they must have done something to stop the rain? I don't know. But it sure worked!

What a great way to end off the performances with what everybody had practically been waiting for.....FIREWORKS!!! 

Ultimately, we had fun. So now that we won the tickets using our mum's IC number, now we have to rely on our own numbers then. Oh fingers crossed for another of this spectacular even, but at the new Sports Hub.

Enjoy the pics below! (Please click for larger view)


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