Living with an Exteme OCD Mum

My mum has an extreme OCD with toilet cleanliness and personal hygiene. She's always been OCD but now, it has become like a totally different ball game. Her obsession has become extreme and for someone who doesn't get angry easily, annoyed yes, her OCD drives me absolutely nuts. The water hose has to be positioned this way, she has to hear water running all the time otherwise she assumes I'm not using water at all and after I leave the washroom, most times she asks me to go in again and wash the floor another time.

She simply doesn't trust that I've done all the above. No trust at all. She will say that it's very smelly and the 'best' part is? Despite all the cleaning that I've done, before my brother can use the washroom to bathe or to pee, she has to wash it all first because she thinks after I've gone in, it's still dirty.

I don't know about other people, I feel like I've done more than enough. How do I know this? The water bill has been on the rise and I've struggled to pay them and a few times, getting risked having the supplies cut off. Did she learn? Obviously not. And because I'm the one whose paying, I feel the pinch and I don't see the need why should I turn the water pipe on all the time when I'm not the soap or other toiletries or when I'm brushing my teeth. 

A few times I lashed out back at her even though I told myself to keep calm because I mean, how could you not? I've done my explanation that yes I DID on the water pipe, I DID brush my twice (yes, you read it right) and I DID clean the floor yet she still doesn't trust me? I mean, would you feel if someone consistently tell you in your face that they don't trust you? After awhile you just give up but what do you do if it happens every single day?!

Also she makes it a point every time she goes to the toilet to come and tell me how to go about cleaning the floor, wash the hands and hang the water hose. Every. Single. Time.

For quite a long period of time, her OCD seems under control but nowadays, it's mutated or something. I know she doesn't see this as a form of illness but I do. She's probably thinking that I'm the dirtiest person in the world and there's nothing wrong with her.

I hope God give me strength to not lose my temper easily over this matter. I know she's my mother and she's done a lot for us so I don't want to sin over this. I often try to keep to myself but the way she interrogates about my movement and her blatant untrusting words to me, it's really difficult to not want to speak for myself.

I also hope God makes her less OCD to save us our sanity and also save our increasing water bills.

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