Tough Times & The Hero in Us

I've been feeling down recently at the turn of events in my life. I felt like I was losing control and I also felt like I didn't do enough to save my situation. I blamed everyone and I blamed myself but at the end of the day, there's no point blaming people. If it happens, it happens and where do we go from here? We try to see what we can do to save ourselves from this undesirable situation, and little by little, I hope to see improvements and that things will turn around significantly.

Have you ever felt this way, where you think you have things under control and then suddenly, your life just goes spiralling down? I've gone through such episodes multiple times and it pains me every time this has to happen. Sometimes I wish why can't I do anything right. Why must this happen to me..again? Where have I gone wrong? 

Maybe there are a few reasons here and there as to why things may have gone wrong. They may not be so obvious because some things, if they want to happen, they just happen, followed by feelings of nauseousness and the blame game begins. But in opportunities like these, we seek to analyze where have we gone wrong. My brother told me it's nobody's fault and that shut my whining off for awhile. I could whine until the cows come home and the situation will not be of any better.

But that may be the very stepping stone for me to rebuild my finances again. Yes, it's the old game again where the finances have once again, dipped low again no matter how I tried to improve the situation. As mentioned, it could be stemming from reasons that aren't so obvious at that point of time that could lead to my once again, financial downfall, and now I will be more careful and more vigilant.

This episode will bring out the hero in me and in true grit and determination, I wish to turn my life around and this time, I hope it will be the last time. I know I've said this multiple of times but I also feel like I'm not giving my 100% because it involves working hard. Unless the money falls on your lap, or we're born into a rich family, the rest of mere mortals like us have to work hard all the time. So what if there are setbacks. We just have to be more creative in finding that extra income to make people pay us instead of us paying them all the time when we ourselves barely have enough to support.

That's the very reason why I didn't go to the garage sale which is like the ONLY garage sale of the year because all branded make up lines are going at such dirt cheap prices. Because of that reason too, I am not going to queue up to buy the cupcake at $4 a pop even though I've been waiting for that particular flavour and today is a public holiday so I'm not working.

Yes, it sucks big time. But I think I won't feel any better as well if I were to go to either one and then be unhappy because I'm only catering to my own happiness during tough times like these. I contribute to other people's income while I don't have enough for me and my family.

If you're going through tough times like these, just think that this is only temporary. Perhaps this is a good time to do a self reflection to see what have gone wrong and what can you do to turn things around. I will definitely get out of this situation asap and I shall be the hero/heroine to help me.

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