2014 Meat Fest at Seoul Garden

I've been so extremely busy but then again, sometimes I think it also boils down to time management. I guess I can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time if I could be a little bit more disciplined. I am however progressing in small amounts but I believe it can be accomplished if only I put my heart into it.

So two weeks ago, was the grand payday which also means extra pay for me as it's when I will get my year end bonus. It is therefore a yearly affair for us to go on a crazy meat fest. We went to our usual place to attack large amounts of meat, or at least more than we usually consume, which is at Seoul Garden Takashimaya. We actually have one at a nearby mall but somehow we still chose to go that same place.

One thing I learn though, is to not go after 8pm. It's not really money worth it because we didn't get as much varieties especially for the soup although we still manage to put our grilling skills to test with the marinated meat available. You don't have to be an expert at it but just common sense to see if the meat have been thoroughly cooked. Still I feel like I paid the same price for something less. Oh well, looks like we have to make another trip for it but definitely the one at the mall here.

After that we took a mini stroll along Orchard Road.....with heavy box of a big shot machine I bought earlier on. More on that later, but it got my brother annoyed because we were struggling to carry it with us and we were supposed to take pictures of the Christmas light up in town. We did make up for it eventually yesterday and I'll put up a post showing you all the pretty pretty lights!

After the walk, we chilled at Coffee Bean in Ion Orchard for awhile after buying a small cake for our mum at home.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.

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