Results in for Module 2 & I Passed Big Time!

The weeks prior to the release of the results were so so so nerve wrecking, not a day goes by without me thinking that I should be maintaining my grades from the last module. I wasn't so sure this time round because as mentioned in my previous post, the Econs paper was such a killer! But I tried my best to attempt all the questions to the best of my abilities. I've studied so freakin' hard for them because these papers where theory heavy with some formulas here and there. And I didn't have a penchant for remembering things! haha..

God is great and He answered my daily prayers to maintain my grades, and I did actually much better than what I expected. And I got my first A, yay yay!

My classmates were already starting to send messages through our whatsapp group, by doing a mini countdown. I was in the shower but I could hear the messages were coming in fast and furious. I can't help but wonder why. When I looked at the messages, they were nothing short but good news (with funny undertones) and I thought it was THE best time to check out mine too, and yay, I PASSED!!

I can't believe I did better than expected! It helps to be super focused on the exams, with of course, forgetting and then re-reading the facts & formulas, and realized oh my gosh, they don't say exams aren't stressful for a reason! I actually had to close my beloved online shop so that I can continue to focus and doesn't matter if I lose some income in between, because I have to be responsible in getting good grades. If I don't score, most likely I may have to say goodbye to this shop as well.

I know that it is just going to be tougher down the road but I'm sure with the help of my classmates, we can pull through and graduate together. We even planned on going to London after our graduation. Looking forward to it! For now, just work  hard in whatever aspect of life we're in, and just go go GO for our dreams :)

To end this off, not to show off but...

Here's my RESULTS! hahaha...*happiness*

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