Daily Planning for the Big Win

How many times have we just take life for granted and then wishing for some things to happen and then we spend most of our life waiting for that grand chance? We set our minds to goals and then wishing we're thinner, healthier, richer and so on but we never really sit down and write out how are we going to get there.

I'm guilty of this too and you will probably think too that this is easier said than done.When I read a recent article about how these girls in their twenties live a life where other people can only dream or wish that they would just go for it, I feel quite ashamed of myself too. I would have felt the impact even more if something had not 'konked' in my head that I don't want to waste my thirties just like how I wasted my twenties. I did, in my mid twenties, focus on one big win and which is to lose weight and to dress better. It was a small win alright but a journey that's far from over. Now I just want to be healthier for the sake of my family and not too calculative over how much I lose. 

My motivation this time round is to think ahead of the future. I want to just be more financially stable and while many think that there's more to life than just money, you will probably agree that we all need some money to advance in life, be it investing in education or a better future. Money is not going to fall from the sky and the creditors will not just let you go easily. We have to fight for what we want.

For that, it's important to take a breather and sit down and write down what we truly want. No point just have these thoughts swirl in our heads. If you're constantly on the phone, you can type out your plan and then set daily goals to keep your focus ahead. If you're someone who prefer to write things down, a planner or a notebook is apt. I know nowadays there are many women who are planner addicts (seriously, check out the #planneraddicts on IG) and they have so many creative ways of decorating their planners.

But there's another group who prefer their planners without their bells and whistle. Like write down their daily activities. If you've been doing this, whichever group you belong to, take it one level up by writing down your big goals and plan each day around them, besides your usual to do tasks. You're going to thank yourself later as you begin to achieve them in small or big ways for the eventual Big Win. It's not easy but to me, it's better than just wishing for things to happen. YOU make it happen.

Good luck!

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