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 Are you like me, if you watch someone on tv, or stalk over the internet and then you have this strange feelings that overcome you, making you to meet someone just like him or her? So far, no one has captured my heart but I'm fangirl-ing over some guys over the internet and this year, I've fan-girled (which basically means mooning over someone you can never get, haha) over an interior decorater who got married to another great looking interior decorater, an actor who well, only showed his acting prowess in the last episode and then this one, a cool looking guy who has got himself into a star crossed relationship (in other words, doomed to enjoy while it lasts).

Meet Aiden, from The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals.

Isn't he handsome? Ok honestly, at first I thought he was simply 'meh' or not that good looking but just like every other guy like him, I have fallen in love with his rather complex character (he's a werewolf) from a badass type of guy to this sweet endearing shy guy who doesn't want to feel alone. 

He worries over his pack and is protective over his younger brother who is yet to be a wolf like him and he had enlisted the help of the vampires to bring the young werewolves to a safe place which he was also protective over. He is the leader of his pack who is serving the alpha wolves (which means the stronger more authoritative type) but isn't fond of their actions. So he's caught in such situation where he feels like a betrayer because in their world, the vampires and the werewolves don't mix.

Somehow, he's an ally with them even though he initially came with a warning to ask them to get lost. 

I told you he's complex.

Anyway, who cares about the storyline. I think he's a really cool guy who yes, can be a badass but is a sensitive soul inside yearning to be loved and accepted.


Well, whatever it is, I hope he doesn't die that fast and I do hope his relationship with vampire Josh (who is also cute, by the way) will blossom so that I can keep fangirl-ing.

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