My New Bigshot Machine & Goals in MOney Management

I've experienced hardship for the last couple of months and this time round, even though I probably tell myself this every year, I am more determined to spend money in the right direction. I read a book prior to this, not specifically about money management, but how you evaluate your life choices to enhance it rather than burden it. Also, how we can create positive thinking for ourself and take ownership over the things that matter such as our work, our business if we have, family, friends and our life. If we want to lead a successful life, we can create the success, no matter what situation we are in if we are willing to call the shots.

Once I received my bonus, I knew that I want to take it the right direction. All the brand new shiny things in our life may not add value to our life if we know back home, we have similar things that are still quite brand new or untouched for a long time. 

I am more careful with spending and now, I try my best to spend with benefits in mind. I got myself a big shot machine that is actually a die cutting machine that I think will be a great investment to my handmade papercrafting business. Of course, I felt the initial pinch because I've not spend this much on a single product for a very very long time but perhaps, in the long run, I could reap benefits that are worth much more than what I pay for this. 

I thought it will be a better investment than  my other annual investments such as a brand new bag which I forgo even though it was in the colour that I really liked. I bought bags instead for a dear friend of mine who helped me through the tough times when I went through financial hardship. Yet, she still chose to surprise me with two complimentary movie tickets to watch any movies in that theatre.

I also chose to spend the money on my family when I treat them to Fish & Co which I honestly dislike going because it's so ex for a family restaurant! But they wanted it and even though it's something that we can't always afford, now that we can, why not, eh?

Besides spending with benefits in mine, I also try not to spend just because most people rave about it such as the moleskine notebook and the tarte blush palette that is the no 3 selling item in Sephora. I looked high and low for it but when I held the last piece like crazy, and did some swatches, I realised that I have blushes of similar shade. 

I was also this close to buying an expensive (well, at least to me), a moleskine notebook and also realised I have a similar one, though not original, that I barely used and got it for free. After two years, and collecting dust, I used the notebook that I have instead to good use such as planning the draft for this blog post.

I also chose to spend on buying the supplies and papers related to my online papercrafting business because the benefit I can get is the extra income to supplement my regular monthly pay.

I've worked hard for the money and I know that money don't come easy although it had been a great help to me when I was almost down to my last dollar. I've spend my time over the weekend pouring over the custom orders and usually go out at night to my favourite mall to just chill out a slight bit and to check out things I could buy for my business. 

So after reading this post, I hope that you will also learn to manage your money properly because whenever we have extra income, we often think that the money is going to be there forever. Unless you have income coming in every day, it's high time we do a simple check on how we spend our money before it's too late and we're barely crawling back up from our last dollar...again.

Before I go, do check out this teal beauty called the Bigshot Machine and the sample die cut that I've done :)

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