Being Giving Even When You're Down & Out

 I've been talking about being in a difficult position in my last few posts but determined to get back on track. I take this opportunity of a new month to continue to be productive. and hoping things will get better.
But in the moment of hardship like this, it's not an excuse to stop helping people and being kind to others just because we think we ourselves need help. God bless kind people with abundance and even if that abundance is not of luxury standards, it is a means for us to continue to live and more importantly, be happy and healthy for ourselves and for our loved ones.

You've probably seen this video before but it wouldn't hurt to watch it again below. It shows you how mean people can be to other people with a simple request. But a homeless man who is going through a rough time and would probably hog the free pizza box all by himself because he can't afford the pizza, WILLINGLY shared it without any hesitation.

His kindness was paid in kind and he cried tears of joy that his one simple act give him abundance. It's not a thick wad of cash, a brand new iPhone or iPad. It's just a small token, which he didn't gleefully count, that will probably let him get by the next few days with food or even a pair of shoes because he's practically barefoot. 

Watch the video and be prepared to be touched by this kind homeless man who will make you re-think about how you view other people. If you've been treating people unkindly because you think they're beneath you, you'll never know when if one day, YOU will get into a situation where you need the help of others.

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