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This post is seriously overdue and I feel rather bad about it that I hadn't actually spend my time sitting down and blogging this out when I actually can. But from now onwards, I am determined to make it a point to do things right to give myself a peace of mind that everything will be in order; everything as in financially, in education, religion and etc if I bother to actually do something about it instead of worrying how each day is going to be.

It's not going to be an easy journey but I find that each step I take, no matter how small, is crucial to the life I have envisioned.

So this post is more than just a post. It is a post where I've taken those steps.

More than a month ago, on Deepavali, the ArtScience Museum held a free entry to their museum and my brother knowing that I thrive on free visits like these, we made plans to go there. But we actually rushed down (like we always do) and managed to get in.

It was interesting to see how art comes to live through digital media complete with sound effects by talented artists from China.  A country where there are millions of talented people, where the race for excellent results drive the students to almost the point of insanity drowning themselves in huge volumes of books because it was very competitive to get a place in their top universities.

Art still prevailed and it documented how competitive the students were in one of the photographs which included the artist herself. You can view the picture below and see what I mean about this so called race to the top.

We started our self guided tour to their permanent exhibition which highlighted inventions both in the past and present about what we could create where Art & Science combine. The creations may seem simple but the Science behind them explain that it's more than a creation. It's also life changing, earning them a place in history and also to other greater inventions on earth based on the concept of the genius in the earlier days.

So this is not your regular museum because it also challenges us on the possibilities of creating something that people think it's not possible, pretty much like the design of the museum itself. The exhibitions are seasonal but every one of them so far, have been interesting and very different. Do drop by if you can during the hols. To find out more, visit the ArtScience Museum website.

Oh, we were also supposed to go cheap for lunch and after our, or rather my reluctant trip to the Garden by the Bay (coz it involves walking...heh), we went to Doctor Cafe at City Link Mall because they were having an opening promo.

My review on it? They gotta work on their small and expensive cheesecakes that taste like you're eating whip cream. There was not a hint of cheese taste. The drinks were nice and while my brother thought that it would taste better with whip cream, I was saying, there you go, the cheesecake cum whipcream cake.

I guess they need to work on their recipes and hiring more people so that there would be less unhappy customers especially when their location is in a prime spot in the City area. It has potential and it offers a halal alternative to Coffee Bean for Muslim customers. 

Overall, I think we spent our time well on that day without spending much. Singapore may be an expensive city but if we can plan smart, we can go by on little money but still be able to enjoy a quiet evening and learn new things.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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