Dinner with Classmates Before the Exam Results!

This is so funny. My classmate cum organizer was trying her best to rally people to join her for dinner at Satay by the Bay and then suddenly, the email come in out of nowhere stating that we would be getting our results the next day. Talk about a mood killer!

Oh well, I try to be supportive by agreeing to go with them because I don't know, why not eh? They're my classmates after all and even though I'm not a good talker like them, haha, it's the least I can do by showing my face. 

The dinner was okay although the menu was misleading because for that price, there were like chicken satay, prawn satay, and other types of satay plus ketupat or rice cakes. But then when it came to ordering, we had to choose between chicken or prawn satay and we had to pay extra for the rice cakes. It was the only stall that was opened selling halal satay. So we got no other choice and we didn't order the rice cakes but we didn't want to be duped into pay extra.

Then we also bought fried rice and the tom yam soup which was SUPER de SPICY. The fried rice was nice but my goodness, it came with a heavy price tag. $10?!! I don't know if we're paying for the namesake because they were named after the Marina Bay icons such as the Marina Bay fried rice. 

And guess what we were talking about, or in this case, my classmates were talking, about the impending results the next day. Like how the Econs paper was such a major killer to a point my classmate left a few blanks here and there, even though we were told to answer all the questions so that we can try to squeeze out as much marks as we could. So you can imagine how tough the paper was. I just tried to answer my darn best whether or not I was right.

So I guess that explained why in the picture below, our faces looked rather glum, not that the overpriced satay weren't nice.

I guess we were also tired because we came after work and had to walk like close to 15 minutes trying to find the place from Marina Bay MRT station and through Garden by the Bay. It was quite a sight too and one of my classmates was also taken in by the sight as it was her first time there so she took photos every now and then too. So it didn't feel like we walked quite far. 

However we were thankful that there was a shuttle bus service available to bring us to the nearest MRT station, LOL. 

Then in the bus, we were talking about how our future is going to be like and what we plan to do upon graduation. My classmate suggested eh why not we go London after graduation? We thought that it was such a great idea. So if we were to pass the exam results this time, we will start saving $100 per month. That means I have to work even harder because I do want to see London since forever (fun fact: I used to read travel guides on London when I was in secondary school) and I do hope to achieve this in my life. Prays hard that it will happen :) This will be a superb motivation!

If you want to get there, I'm not sure how's the weekend crowd going to be like as we went there on a Monday. You could take either a scenic walk through the Garden By the Bay when you get down Marina Bay MRT station. Another way is to go to Bayfront MRT, wait for the shuttle bus service available on weekdays only at half an hour intervals (check the timings through google before going down) or take bus 400 which will bring you to the bus stop a short distance away from the Bayfront MRT.

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