Sweets for My Sweet Tooth & One KM Mall

I'm combining two posts in one, pretty much like killing two birds with one stone, except that I won't enjoy doing that.

I don't know about you people and I know that the rate of Diabetes patients among the Muslim community is on a rise and I've taken steps to ensure that I don't go that path because I've a family history of it.

While I've given up on coconut rich dishes (yes, including the popular Nasi Lemak which is one of Singapore's national dishes and well loved by all races in Singapore coz somehow we can relate over food easier than other things) but I can never completely give up on feeding my soul with sweet SWEET things. 

The only drawback is that, to avoid joining the stats, I've cut down on it drastically. For example, just to munch on the red velvet doughnut from Krispy Kreme, I have to wait for about two months to be able to sink my teeth into it. Even then, it's being shared with my brother along with  other just as tasty..and er..sweet..as the red velvet dougnut cake.

But then again, you know what they say, the longer you crave for it, the tastier it becomes..lol...did I just come up with that myself.

Enjoy the beauty that is of the Krispy Kreme doughnut cake.

I also have a sweet spot for macaroons, completely nauseating sweet, in bite sized pieces. Their flavours are so diverse and they're oh so colourful. The price for each macaroon varies from $1.80 to $2.80 depending on where you  buy them from and the flavours.

Because they are overtly sweet, it's not even qualified as once in a while treat. I hardly eat it and of course, if got a chance to eat, like the one below brought by my awesome classmate to be shared around, I would GLADLY eat it. But of course not the whole pack.

Self control is a must and it's so freaking hard not to eat them like popping M&Ms.

Besides chocolate, I also love anything red velvet although like my mum said, it's basically red colouring. Oh well. It is technically still chocolate, where cocoa powder is mixed with red colouring. 

Again since the colouring is not natural, can't eat it too often.

But chocolates can never be a once in a while treat. I must eat chocolate every week even in very small amounts like say, a small morsel. It makes all the unhappiness go away just for that one tiny moment.

Okay, now on to another part of the story. This sweet story of mine..heh...was also why we went to check out the new mall at Paya Lebar called One KM mall. Don't ask me why it's name as such unless they mean that it's one km from the Paya Lebar MRT station to the mall.

We actually wanted to check out Butter Studio but it turned out to be just a counter instead of a cafe setting. And they had little choices unless their yummy instagram photos. So I guess we still  have to make our way down to the cafe at Jalan Besar.

There was Delifrance though, and there's macaroons! It was so funny how we ordered it. Instead of ordering by the name, which they didn't label, I had to order by colour. I chose pink and purple. Oh, plus one Oreo cupcake which called out to me as well.

Again no, I don't have the luxury of eating it all by myself. I could in less than 5 minutes just like in the past when I was younger and chubbier but then again, need.to.self control.

Before we left the mall, we took a picture of the Christmas tree outside, pretty much like every other mall. 

If you want to visit the mall, which has Uniqlo as their flagship store, there are many food establishments inside that are not your average fast food restaurants that you will be spoiled for choice. But if you think they are pretty pricey, nearby the mall is a food centre, where you get food spread from chicken rice, Indian mee goreng to satay. 

Head over to City Plaza, you can go to Arnold's Chicken which is way better than your average fast food fried chicken which I shall not name *cough* starts with K *cough* It's very crowded though so be prepared to wait or simply order a 'to go' and then let the people in the public transport get a whiff of your delicious fried chicken goodness.

One KM Mall is located 10 mins away from Paya Lebar MRT station.

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