A Friend's Birthday High Tea at TWG 2014

This was a birthday high tea which almost got cancelled but me and my other friend persuaded the birthday girl to just carry on with the plan in a bid to cheer her up. She has been through a lot lately and we thought a little birthday celebration at the place she recommended would be perfect. Of course we had a small gift for her as well and overall, it was good to see her smile and for once, forget her troubles.

Speaking of troubles, it's always good to share what is troubling you with other people by talking them out because the more we hold them inside, the more depressed we can get. No doubt there are people who can either render help or they can just offer a listening ear but ultimately, by talking it out, probably other people can give their side of opinions and help us to think clearly and even think of solutions. When we're troubled, it can be a daunting task to think of all the possible solutions so hence, it's really good to share.

So back to the celebration. After letting her share to us her frustrations, another friend of mine dropped a bomb on us by telling us the situation that she went through during her work and that now she's feeling better. Although she still carries feeling of uneasiness because she has never gone through such stage before, I told her it's just a matter of time and that whatever decisions my two friends have made, I know it's just for the best for them.

Life is like that. What is life without its set of challenges. Even those people whom we think are already financially secured with their well paying job and a working environment in the city, have their own frustrations. We can't totally find happiness but we can show our appreciation for what we already have and the things that keep us going and looking forward to in the future.

My side of story is that work has been rather frustrating lately because of my boss sudden obsession with stats especially with late payment percentages. Now she's having expectations that are just getting too sky high that if I don't reach that standard, she says things that are pretty mean. I'm just trying to tolerate and I'm so SO thankful for having fun and supportive colleagues. I would want to explore other working place right after my diploma and hopefully, fingers crossed, I get to finally go back to the place where I had started my first job.

So we had lunch at TWG and my goodness, I've never seen such a plethora of different combination of tea! And ooooh the price. For someone who thinks that coffee bean is expensive, TWG is like a well, insane! haha...

I wanted to buy the cheapest set but it wasn't suitable for me and I tried to keep the total price for myself as low as possible, haha. It was also because me and my friend decided to treat the birthday girl as part of our bid to cheer her up. But well, TWG being TWG with its high tea, we were taken aback by the final bill, haha. Oh well.

Enjoy the pics below! 

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