Being an Adult vs Behaving Like an Adult

Sometimes I wish I am back at those time when I basically am problem free, don't have to be so majorly calculative and be paying bills and loans off. But alas, for how long can I be stuck in the past. I just have to move on and deal with the problems.

However, some people just don't seem to behave like adults and that irks me. A lot. The issue has always been with other people but they don't realize that they are also the cause, or even the ONLY cause of problem. I really dislike it when people play the 'oh woe is me' game because they make themselves become so selfish like expect people to entertain them as and when they like but they don't give the same kind of treatment to others. 

I wish these people will 'grow up'. Physically yes, they're fully grown but somehow they don't behave like one. Everyone has their problems, some much bigger than others, to a point of pain and suffering where they are totally helpless. But do these sort of people care? No. There are people who don't even know if they can even afford their next meal. Yet, there are also people who throw a tantrum when they don't get to eat what they want to eat.  

I always think that my problems are major but seeing people on the news who see death and destruction everywhere and not knowing if themselves or their loved ones will ever get to see the next day. Sometimes in between seeing these catastrophes, I do selfishly think that I've got problems of my own to deal. Well, my problems can be solved, although not all of the time, but I do believe if I think hard enough, I can somehow make some of them less problematic. 

You'll be surprised at how some adults, even with grandchildren, can behave badly towards other people and their selfishness is so overwhelming. They don't care about you because they have only one person to care about; themselves. But then, if THEY have problems, they are quick to make it into some soap drama-ish moment and you will feel bad for not helping them somehow. But then when it's over, or they get what they hope to get, they're back to being their selfish mode again and passing criticism as though other people are sooooo problematic, unlike them.

I just have one advice for these kind of people. Grow up. Soon people will just throw you under a bus, not literally but then again who knows, because they just can't take your selfish and critical attitude. Yah, you may do adult things like earning a living, paying the bills and so on, but if your attitude is lousy and childish, people couldn't be bothered anymore if ever you bring up your sob stories. Do have at least some respect for other people who have their own things to deal with, rather than just dismissing them off easily.

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