Being Grateful for Something, Not More Not Less

I watched this really heartbreaking video from India and by heartbreaking, I mean because I was so touched by how this viral video captured the poor population of India and what they do to earn a decent living to feed themselves and their families. They sell anything that can be sold, including offering cups of water, bracelets to a simple flying toy for 1 or 2 Indian Rupee. They live day by day and it's highly competitive because there are many other sellers as well who are in the same plight as them.

Along came this man who offered them 100 Rupees just by asking if they believe in God. Despite the plight they're in, they NEVER blamed God for it. They still praise God and talk highly of Him. You would think that they will be angry because most people will blame God for making them so dirt poor while other people are enjoying wealth and a comfortable living. 

The thing about these people whom he videotaped, they never begged for money. They offered a product or service instead of taking the easy way out. It's like as though they don't want people to give them money, just like that. They want to give something in return for the money, like they earn it. Pretty much how two of them gave the things to the kind man even though he told them that he could keep those things and they insisted he took them.

Another thing that blew me away was how this destitute man with one eye only and a limp from an accident offered to give him back one of the notes because the guy offered him two notes of 100 Rupees. Frankly, if it happened to most of us in Singapore, we'll probably just take it coz it's free money. This, of all the people who need money, he chose to take one. Of course, the man insisted he took both as it was for him and he cried because he was touched by such a kind gesture. Again, just like the other guy who was much older, gave him some of the toys as he didn't want to take the money just like that.

That got me thinking about the huge disparities between the poor and wealthy people. How the poor, despite their living conditions and their struggle to feed themselves on a daily basis, can be much happier and more grateful with any amount that they get compared to the people living in comfort with their endless complains about the most mundane things.

Whatever money I make through my online shops, I don't make a big fuss whether it's a big or small amount. Any amount help me and my family to get by and to stash away in my savings box because I don't want to rely on my fixed monthly salary. I know I've talked about wanting to travel and see the world but honestly, if it's not within my means, it doesn't mean I'm not going to be happy for the rest of my life. If the time is right, I'm sure it will happen.

For now, it's been put on hold again as I'm trying to save up to get myself a new laptop. Not a fancy one but just one that can perform just as well for less than $1K and I'll be grateful for it because I don't have to fight to use it from my brother for school work as he needs it for his too. 

If you're constantly thinking about making it big and then your whole life is in turmoil and you're always unhappy, take a step back and start to appreciate what you have instead of just thinking about what you don't have. Life is too short and anything can happen. We just want to live a good life in good company of friends and family and living each day to the best of our abilities.

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