Yet Another RAK!

I cannot believe my luck that I won yet another RAK (random act of kindness) on this closed facebook group with even more scrapbooking items! Jealous much?, can't believe my luck! While at that point of time for the first rak, I thought it came at such a good time because I was pretty upset I couldn't shop as much as these people do who seem to don't mind spending their moolah.

Even though now I'm not totally broke and I managed to buy some little stuffs from the group, winning this RAK is like an icing on the cake...again! 

This post was from an earlier RAK.

So I collected my loot last Monday..or is it Admiralty and I'm so happy!!! I finally got an owl stamp in a set and the Tim Holtz distress stamp pad which I tried to find but everything was snapped up at the madewithlove shop. Gosh, those people are really crazeh..they literally sweep everything off the racks the minute the shop opens ever since the news came out that they were closing down for good.

Okay I didn't manage to find a place for everything when I was trying to keep them away and here's a pic of them all (original picture from the generous person herself)


Out of these loot are some flowers and I've been meaning to find such flowers although they're not the brand I'm looking for. 

Speaking of buying, I've been making mini purchases from the facebook group plus some other sellers not just from that group and honestly I'm a tad bit disappointed that they don't make effort to post quite immediately. I paid almost immediately when they asked for payment. I mean they're polite enough to say they're too busy to post so fine but don't understand why they have to drag on and on. How far can the postal box be and on the way to somewhere amidst their busy schedule, can just drop it to some box what.

Oh well. Anyway it taught me a lesson to not be so greedy in buying. No doubt I don't buy like these ladies who observe sales items like stock market and going to that closing down sales multiple times. But now I just wait until I receive ALL my items before I consider buying from them again and using my current stash instead of just accumulating them.

So yah, just a word of advice. You can make purchases online but if it's not a certified seller do be very very careful.

Anyway back to the RAK, I've decorated a notebook cover with some of the items and I thought they're pretty nice. I will update a picture of it later :)


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