Monday, September 03, 2012

What Makes You Beautiful

I've talked about this before but you know, being girls we tend to compare ourselves to others and then think that they have physical qualities that make them attractive and us mere ugly mortals. 

But I've also learn that we should just accept our looks and you know, there is always make up to help enhance your looks (not hide it, mind you..unless you talk about concealing your dark circles and blemishes). Of course there are women, older or even much younger women who would go under the knife or go through cosmetic procedures like silicon fillings, botox injections to further enhance their looks. Whatever it is, while every woman wants to look good not just for the sake of attraction but as a feel good quality and to raise our confidence level, it is NOT the only thing that makes you beautiful.

Beauty should also come from within. If you see her better looking than you, trust me hunny, there will be hundreds or thousands of other girls way better looking than her. Plus, what makes you think she will look as beautiful as that down the road? People's looks changes over the years like it or not and then, if you build good rapport with your friends and family, unless they are so freaking stuck up, chances are people remember you best as who you really are rather than what you present yourself as. 

Of course it doesn't always mean you can get away with looking not so your very best. Of course there will be some days you couldn't be bothered especially with what you wear but the least you should do is to look decent enough and not like you rolled off your bed and you stop it at that, pyjamas and all..haha.

So really, I can empathize with girls who see a potential love interest in another guy and my goodness, look at the facebook friends and suddenly you feel so small. Er, in my case not small as in physically small because that will never happen but rather you feel so so SO inferior. It happened to me before and the guy isn't a potential one but someone who was introduced to me. After that incident, I avoided him like a plague and yah, I think me going MIA had an impact on his impression on me and I didn't get to speak to him anymore.

Not just that, there will be guys you will get to know and has some interest in and then seeing his 'track record' of the girl or girls he dated and you think that why me?! when you see them look way better than you. But eventually if the guy is sincere enough in wanting to know you as more than a friend or be with you for the rest of his life, looks are merely secondary. 

Every time you feel so gawd awful horrible about how she looks and how YOU look, think about the qualities that makes you beautiful. First impression counts but always remember that if you are beautiful from the inside, it will show on the outside and surpass your own physical beauty.

I make support me!

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