Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's in the Bag

This is a pictorial version of what's in the bag..haha. I don't do videos which is probably more interesting but my things are not that interesting. At one point of time, it was a popular video in you tube where people show what are in their bags.

Well, this is my version and the things that I carry around in my bag and some are brand new. I usually change bag every 2 to 3 weeks. By right, 2 but sometimes I am lazy to stash them into another bag although the process is usually very fast because I don't really have many stuffs.

I'm not sure if you can see very well because I didn't take a good shot because it's past 4.30am in the morning and my eyes are blurry.

Anyway, let's go from left to right. 

There is this green umbrella which I've yet to use but the school attendant gave it to me because he found it. Yes, I'm surrounded by nice people.

The hello kitty pouch which contains my keys and my internet banking security code thing. It was given by my cousin.

A barely used notebook which was given to me by the school I work in for Teachers' Day. And no I'm not a teacher in case you're wondering why the English is atrocious and I'm a teacher. I think it's good to keep a notebook and note to self to start using it frequently. I used to carry a diary but it's too heavy and my shoulders are sensitive to heavy weight thanks to years of carrying a bag pack.

Biscuit which I just found in my room which is probably my brother's and he just bought it. Can use it as snacks..hee.

A black pouch given as a birthday I think 2 or 3 years ago and the zipper is gone case but I still keep it and I keep my spec's towel inside for wiping which I also found.

Behind it is a new silver pouch from Clinique which the same colleague gave to me on Monday which I have yet to use and is still in the bag. 

A guess wallet which I swear I will change this year. I have been using Guess wallets for years and I change every couple years. You must be thinking FINALLY something inside the bag that I bought. 

Oh, I also just bought this Maybelline baby lips balm because my lips are pretty dry and I heard this is good and cheap. I mean I used to carry a small sample lip balm but I dunno, I don't really like it. See how it goes for this. I get tired of lip balms easily.

Tissue pack and on top of the tissue pack is some free samples of Estee Lauder illuminator which I collected from the counter on Monday.

That envelope u see is a stash of $500 worth of NTUC vouchers which  I got recently when I asked for financial assistance. So far I used up $100. 

Beside it if you can see is an iPod nano which I found and have been using since. It's cracked though because careless me dropped it in the bus but it's still in working order.

On top of it is what I call a miracle cream. I have sensitive skin and I apply them mostly on my hands or my foot area where eczema tends to attack my skin. So far this cream works wonders plus it gives instant results (read: immediate itching and redness) and it was given to me by my aunt some years back.

Next to it is a free comb which  I will always get if I go for cheap hair trimmings at Qb10. I think that's the name of the place.

Of course how can we not forget my blackberry. I've been harping on wanting to get a bold but I dunno because I'm not the sort who will spend more than $200 on a phone..hee. I got this for $58 with contract. I'm not an 'apps' person or a games person but this phone still allows me to connect to the world of social media albeit not as good as a bold. See, I'm doing it again!

I didn't take a picture of the bag but later today, I will be carrying a bag from Mango which I got at a huge discount during one of their sales. I change from a Charles and Keith bag which looks quite horrible now because the skin is peeling and to think that I don't often use it. Hrmph.

So yah, those things are found in my bag including some new items and also justify how I'm such a freeloader too. Eh, not all the time because people give me stuffs.

You ladies probably carry much more than mine. Notice I don't even carry make up except when I go out with friends or go outside during weekends for touch ups. Usually stuffs like foundation. I used to carry mirror but they have a tendency to crack.

What's in your bag? :)




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