Beauty Haul Plus Beauty Gifts in September 2012

Last week, I got myself a new eyeshadow. Silly me. Money no enough also can still buy make up. But don't worry babe, I got my finances under control. Yah right. But really, this month I've got $120 worth of free munneh this month courtesy of my kind vice principal..haha. Okay at first the $20 was a birthday gift and the other $100 which I got on Friday was for the cards I make every month for the teachers' birthdays. Supposed to be $50 and when she asked if it was enough, before I could answer she handed me another $50 giving a total of $100. Wow. Then again, since she wants to can I say no, right? I said that I will use it for the next month instead so I won't collect money next month. Even if I do, it will be for the following month to be fair.

So I think it's more than enough to make up spending on the...eyeshadow? haha. Anyway, the eyeshadow costs me $11.90 instead of the original price of $14.90. How can I NOT get it?! I mean, I got one of them in beige and I love it so much! So now I have a silver colour. I didn't take a picture of it but I will kindly link to someone else's blog which indirectly is promoting her blog too. It's okay for me since I haven't open mine yet.

This is the shade I got.

Flashback Silver
For the review from a fellow beauty blogger:

 Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow

Such a nice shade to have! Instead of the usual brown tones, you should add silver in your collection if you're not a collector.

I also got this with some vouchers

Maybelline hypergloss liner

Again, I haven't open it. My bad! Really, normally I will be SOOO enthusiastic in opening one but I haven't been feeling too well lately plus it's the time of the month so I'm feeling very lethargic and bloated.

I did buy an Elf cream eyeliner which I have yet to use out and I bought another liner. Go figure. I think they're both different but I guess this liner is probably easier to apply.

Oh! As though that is not enough. See what other goodies I got and mind you, I didn't spend money on them..heh heh.

Clinique moisturiser sample, lipstick and lipbalm samples

If you're wondering why the casing of the lipstick is funny, it's because it's a sample product and my colleague has a bunch of them in various shades. They're not used and her daughter works in Clinique so she has her hands on them. But they're full size with the exception of the moisture surge. Wow. I'm not a lippie person coz I don't see the point coz I hate reapplying when the colour is gone but hey, every girl SHOULD have at least one lippie in a colour most suitable and most versatile.

I don't buy high end make up so I don't know exactly how much are the prices by hard but I used to in the past because of my mum. However I did find out the cost of the lip colour balm is $28. I used it and it's pretty red. But yah it rubs off easily because it's a lip balm I think.

But freeloaders cannot complain much.

So that's my beauty loot :) I am happy because it did cross my mind that lately I haven't been buying new make up stuffs as I'm too busy trying to spend money wisely. But I guess call it the birthday luck because I managed to snag some. Now I need me a new blusher. Waiting for the next Sleek spree to get my hand on their blush. I simply LURVE their blushes. Should check their website out.

Sleek Blush 

I am looking out for a dark pink colour because I don't have that particular shade. 

So what are your new beauty buys.

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