Monday, September 03, 2012

Made with Love Moving On Sales

I just found the shop that I have been going to regularly since March..well, not really regularly but whenever I have the moolah and they have sales..hehe, it's closing down!!

That's sad. I love the shops because if you follow my blog, I love making handmade cards. And I get many of my sources here. Oh, and online too but these fellow members from the facebook group also get their fix here. But them being scrapbook junkies, they have other sources too but definitely one of the shops they go to is here.

Recently I've got quite a number of items from them like some below:

I've got the 6X6 pack and the silver glimmer mist. The lace tape from Daiso

I could safely say only in July that I didn't get anything from them (I think..) and bought my stuffs online from the facebook group who are so into scrapbooking sometimes they just have way too many stuffs. They're pretty much like me with my make up stuffs..heh. But I've been cutting down a lot this year ever since I got into financial trouble and money is used mainly to pay my debts and also on household expenses.

Bought them at a total cost of $10 plus from various sellers

Papers and stickers from Made with Love
The shop that I'm talking about is called Made with Love which is situated at Plaza Singapura and they have a moving on opposed to moving OUT sales..because they want to see it as a positive thing, them finding a suitable location to have their shop space. As you know, things are not cheap in Singapore and rental and other overhead charges can be such a killer especially if sales are not picking up as well as others. I believe they can make it but I myself find it difficult to shop there especially when they have to shift to another shop space when their main shop space had to be closed for the building of a link way to a future mall extension. This space is much smaller and it's rather difficult for me to get my usual stuffs although I will always be in a dilemma as to what to buy and what to put back because I'm trying to get as close as I can to my budget which is already very small.

I wish them all the best and really hope they can start back all over again. There is this other shop called Paper Market but they're a bit pricey especially if you are a non member but if this shop closes, then I guess I have to get my fix here. I don't get it actually. Paper Market is extending and they have recently opened their 4th shop but Made with Love is struggling. I don't know coz I don't really shop at Paper Market and I tried to but I just can't. I think coz I'm more into cardmaking rather than scrapbooking and I find that Made with Love has the things I want..or at least used to, especially with clear stamps.

Announcement of Moving On Sales

I actually just upgraded my card to a scrapbookholic anonymous thanks to someone from facebook who gave me her scratch card. Oh well. I definitely will go to the sales but not now coz I have not much moolah left.

Sad but I guess we should think positive like them and good luck to them as well.

I make support me!

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