Thursday, September 13, 2012

My RAK Items & A Little Cardmaking Haul

Remember recently I wrote about my winning RAK items (oh yes, forgot to thank her for that after receiving) and I'm super excited because I've never won such items before and she's so generous. She included some other stuffs that were not in the pic including a pair of clear stamps and from the start of my cardmaking adventures, I've always loved clear stamps though I usually don't spend much on them to curb the expenses.

So anyway, here's what I got!

Four washi tapes!! I don't know what to do with the cupid arrow though. I don't have a die cutting machine. Probably will sell it off.

I thought I won't buy for some time but damn it, they have to come up with selling or de-stashing cheap and pretty products online! The most ex one that I bought was this jar stamp with other little stamps and this jar stamp used to be of a craze including the patterned papers with jar pictures on them. I was looking for it for some time and there were two other interested parties. I thought heck I probably won't get but I just Q for the fun of it and er..I've never seen this happened before but the two before me passed on the item leaving me next in line :s 

But okaylah, since it is pay day, I can spend just a biiiit more on an item in this craft group. One time only! I think I will have to stop awhile. It can be addicting and the people in this group is crazy as well but luckily I'm not as crazy as them because my pocket not as deep as them..haha.

Speaking of gila or crazy people, especially over the buttons issue, I FINALLY managed to wait until my payday to shop at the made with love scrapbooking supplies shop. I already planned, in the bathroom no less, what to get based on what I need and what I will definitely use. You can spend a long time in that shop for various reason and for me, it is hemming hawing what to buy and what to put back to keep in the budget. But since they are closing down, I might as well spend a bit more and plus I will get a discount of 50%.

These are what I got

I got slightly more than what I expected to buy because I got one extra item and she asked me to get two more items to be offered an additional 50% discount and they need to be in multiples of 3 for the discount so yah, I got two sets of clear stamps and a patterned paper. The stamps didn't cost much. Each was $3.95 with more than one stamps in them so hokay, after 50% discount, their price get even lower.

The original price is about $46 and I spent about $26. Half gone. Just like that. Money gone is another story. Looks like I have cut down just a bit on spending for the next two days. But then again, nothing unusual to spend a little more on payday itself in my family.

Oh by the way, an unrelated note, I got my $600 NTUC vouchers finally!!! The funny thing was that they approved my financial assistance application way back in July but somehow I didn't get the letter. Probably they tried to call me but I didn't answer and yah, I don't know what was going on. After more than two months, I contacted the officer in charge at that point of time through email and asked her about the outcome.

Surprisingly she said it was approved shortly after I sent the documents end June. WH---ATT?! I waited for so long? Cut the story short, I'm happy that now I can save on groceries!

Alright off to bed now. Now I'm trying to stop all work and computer time 2.30am sharp so that I can get at least four hours of sleep. Not easy but so far so good.

I make support me!

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