Life 101: Matter of Principles

One of the key things I learn, though not directly regarding the course, is about principles of life. The facilitator has gone through a lot in life including dealing with lost lives that his principles are shaped around them. He learns that we can't take life for granted like one minute you are talking to the person and the next evening (no..not even the next day) he's gone. He also studies psychology so he knows how the human mind works and why some people behave in this way or that way. Then also, never assume. This one also relates to the course that he's teaching regarding workplace safety and health. You can't assume that this place is safe. Always have to be careful and practice caution to avoid accidents because accidents can be avoided if we take steps to be careful. Of course people will argue that if it happens, it happens. But why succumb to that 'care less' attitude. Life is precious enough. In my case, one of my ex school mates passed away early this week. When I checked her fb status, she made an update yesterday and then the next morning, heard the news that she had passed away.

So I was thinking that there is no clear definition of death but it can happen to anyone. Then I thought to myself that since this is the case, we should live each day though it's our last. We will never know if one day we end up sick (and not just the simple flu kind mind you) and then yearning to do things that we used to do back then when we were healthier. A lot of times we take things or people for granted and we spend our lives wishing it could have been better and over minute things like why are we not as pretty and slim others *guilty* but these are nitty gritty stuffs. We should focus more on the core of life and how to live life meaningfully. Hence we must have principles in life.

Everyone's principles in life differ from others but it's a matter of sticking to them and believing in them.

Need help? I got some of these from the internet:

Appreciate the goodness in life

Don't always focus on the negative. Start appreciating what is good in our life and learn to be more positive

Be in control of our attitude

We ourselves determine what kind of attitude we want and whether we want our day to be good or bad. We can be influenced by the things going on around us but it doesn't determine what sort of person we are.

Be proactive

A lot of times, Singaporeans especially, like to complain which is basically a national past time. But in order to improve our life, we must learn to be more proactive rather than reactive to get the most of our life. 

Strive for improvement

We can never be perfect because it is a fallacy but we can strive for improvement


Whatever we do, we must have the enthusiasm to do things and improve on them by developing the knowledge and being resourceful.


Do things with integrity which means sincerity and honesty. Don't need to lie or steal or stab someone else's back. Don't need to give empty promises. Mean what you say. This is for both personal and work.


This stems from having self belief in ourselves that we can go far, succeed and go far in life.


We can be rich or poor but we must have humility which simply means having respect, compassion, gratitude and love


It doesn't mean we are rich we can enjoy life. We have to learn to be contented in life and not easily take things or people for granted.

It's best we sit down, write down in our journal and see what kind of principles we want to have in life. Actually without knowing, we do have principles but we have to refresh them in our mind and start being focused instead of always channeling bad vibes and be easily discouraged in life.

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