Out with Credit Up with Debt Free Life

I know I sounded desperate in my last blog but it turned out okay and I was able to spend within my mean for my brother's medical appointment. The very next day I asked for the reimbursements so that at least if they give me back the money by next week, it can tide me over until my next payday. 

Of course this being a  non popular blog I didn't get any donations but it's okay. My aunt helped me a bit and I asked for a small amount but now I'm careful as I borrow an amount that I will definitely be able to afford. This month wouldn't be too bad because we will get our quarterly maintenance allowance. However after receiving the statement, I don't know if it will be enough to cover until his 21st birthday. Unfortunately, I feel that I'm partly to blame because there were times that I asked for reimbursement claims that never happened in the first place. Long story. I don't want to delve into it but I think I probably had asked for claims that may exceed $2K.. Gawd I feel so bad. Seriously bad.

But I really hope I can make up for it by trying my best to not spend ALL the balance after I distribute part of it to my mum and brother because they rightfully have a share in the allowance as well. Honestly I don't know whether it IS possible to save part of the allowance because I always end up not having enough to cover all my expenses.

This is really bad. Really really bad. Sometimes I wish I could do something about it but I don't earn enough to be able to save but I really also want to have a good start to have about 6 months of savings in case of emergency. I feel that this is very important. I'm also feeling bad that I've made 'ghost' claims to cover my credit card bill payments. Unfortunately, believe me when I say banks are really nasty. Even though you made payment, they will just keep charging you exorbitant interests so long as you DON'T pay them on time and you find what you are paying is just rolled over interests amount, PLUS the late charges and PLUS the outstanding amounts. It's really a big headache because I felt that I could have finished up paying them but the interest charges and late charges make it impossible to do so unless I pay EVERYTHING once and for all. You know it's not possible at this point of time unless there is a windfall like at a point of time I got my so called retrenchment payout and I paid my loan once and for all and they stopped bothering me already. I did the next best thing which is to return the cards to them so that at least they will stop charging me interests and late charges. I don't know if this is possible but seriously, they call me every single day!! It's getting on my nerves so I felt like I had to do something. I don't even want to see the cards in my wallet anymore :( Such a painful lesson learnt. I realize that debit card is just so me and I also know that there are people who can actually afford to have credit cards but they choose not to and I know why :((

That is why I'm also hoping that my so called handmade card business will take off. Please help to support me in this venture :)

But I also believe that God will help you in unexpected ways. Yesterday my two good friends gave me some money in the form of Malaysian ringgit to go shopping in Johor Bahru because I've always mentioned about going there but it never materialized. Okay my main motivation of going there is purely because I want to check out the recently opened Inglot store. It's like a make up haven and you know how I am with make up. I try my ultimate best not to spend a lot of money on them but I really really like them. It's difficult sometimes because I watch beauty videos every other day and know quite a lot about the different products out there though I'm not so 'hard core' in knowing what are the current Mac shades and their lines.

I thought as for now I will use part of the ringgit to convert to SGD and then use it to tide over next week while I wait for the claims to come in. While I believe I will use part of the maintenance allowance to convert back to ringgit, now I want to ensure that I save some of it as well because like I said, I felt so bad for making ghost claims because I was desperate for cash.

This is my birthday month and I hope things will get better for me as it has been a shaky start to my thirties. I would like to keep my feet grounded and be more like a good friend of mine who is frugal but she earns enough for herself yet still does not indulge in stuffs like jimmy choos even though she can clearly afford it. I want to lean forward towards a debt free life though it may take awhile but I believe it IS possible.

Wish me luck!

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