Sunday, September 02, 2012

Weight Loss Progress

I am happy to say that I've lost 2.5 kg last month during the fasting month and the fact that I still try to eat lesser after the fasting month I guess makes it possible that you can maintain the weight loss after having to cut down your portions after that month. I have also gone back to the gym to continue with my health care regime. Among that, I have limited eating white rice to every other day even if my mum cooks rice. I know it's a better option to eat brown rice but it's not possible in this household so have to make do with that arrangement.

From September to end of December, I am planning to continue with this weight loss and hope to lose until about 8 kg bringing it to a total of 10kg. I pray that this is possible because nowadays I find it so hard to lose weight. Gaining weight is another story..heh. I wish to get back to my weight in 2010..sigh.

I told ya I didn't have a good start to my thirties.

In terms of lunch, I just eat a simple sandwich and then not snacking until I reach home. So far thankfully I have managed with this arrangement. It's really hard but if I can tahan or withstand hunger at work during the fasting month, this shouldn't be so much of a prob. I've got juice in the fridge and I will pour some and top up with cold water and just drink it as an alternative to snacking. I have to add water to dilute the juice because it's a bit too sweet and I can't drink too much sweet drinks.

I think if I keep this up until end of the year, there will be progress I hope as in physical progress =) because it's always a plus point seeing how you look better in clothes. For me it will be a progess if I don't have to spend 10 minutes putting on a skirt..heh. Or after I put on I feel like I want to take it off again because it feels tight. Ah, the agony of being a young woman.

I'm also glad to see that well, 3 beauty bloggers have lost weight even though initially they relied heavily on make up to increase their self worth and confidence partly due to their size. But now to further enhance their beauty, they also feel that good health is also the way to go to increase your self worth. I am of that same opinion because you must always feel good about yourself and instead of always complaining you get tired easily or you are so fat etc etc, DO SOMETHING about it. Honestly it can be hard at first but once you are in the game, things will get easier as you see progress. For me, after seeing the weight loss, I feel more determined in losing weight because after so long of being disheartened for not seeing any progress, at least I see some progress now =)

Of course I still feel that beauty comes from within and not just external beauty but why not have the best of both world? Beauty inside and out. Don't always think of it as wanting to look good etc etc but make it as a lifelong habit to ensure good health throughout.

I believe everyone can do it and don't just keep telling yourself you can't live without your two packet of french fries or sweet treats. I have sweet tooth but I don't indulge in ice cream even though I think it's perfectly fine for certain special occasions. I think it's a matter of self control and determination in losing weight and being healthy. A matter of mind over body. Tell yourself you can do it and you WILL be able to do it.


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