Sunday, September 02, 2012

Annual Retreat to Sentosa Beach

The sun, the sand and the sea. Perfect combination of a retreat. Okay technically it's not an annual thing for us but it sure feels like it and I advocate we do it every year. The stresses in life can get to you and from the posts here, you can probably tell I get stressed out over financial matters. So time for a quick getaway!

Next time I'm going to dip in these water! My thighs look slimmer now though..

Beach beauty bumming around

enjoying the beautiful waters

Us all together!

We got in Sentosa for free because it was their 40th birthday! I knew they were celebrating their birthday but didn't know that it will also mean free entry..heh. 

It's also a picnic time for us but we brought our own food to cut down on wastage like the last time. But Nats brought drinks literally taken from her office pantry..haha.We're all scrooge I tell ya!

Food lovingly prepared by my mum


Eh look! Baskers performing. Luv the sleek dance moves!
I do hope they make this into an annual thing just like our karaoke sessions. It's just fun you know, doing them with your best friends. You don't always have to spend much like dinner ian restaurants but simple local getaways like this :)

I make support me!

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