Friday, September 07, 2012

Random Act of Kindness

I was saying the other time that made with love is having sales and depending on your membership, you can get up to 60% discount. Unfortunately, the whole of this week I am not able to go because my budget is super super tight and there is no way I could spend more than $10 without blinking. And it kinda 'hurts' that while I can't go, there are people posting on facebook wall about their purchases and bloody hell, they bought a lot of stuffs up to a point someone was saying there isn't much left. Payday is still like what, almost a week later? The agony.

When I got back the reimbursement money, I almost wanted to go but I have my rationale mind in place thinking that this money should be spent on the family first and foremost. I obviously don't have the spending power as these ladies and I don't judge them although at one point, I was calling one of them greedy, of course not the fb wall or I will get hell, because she bought so many of the badges! 70 over!! And that isn't including her daughter's stash. 

I do not want to say it is a waste of money buying so many gawd damn badges because if they are smart enough, they can figure out how to fully use the badges. For myself, I don't need so many and I can just get the minimum of 10 because I don't do scrapbooking but I can imagine these people going crazy over it. 

Heck, they even have a room dedicated to their crafting needs. One of them recently sold so much of her stash that she is only left with a very small portion of it because she believes that sometimes they can buy so much or keep buying forgetting what they have in the first place. But everyone has their own style. Some may prefer a simple layout or an elaborate layout. For me personally, while I don't do scrapbooking because I can't get my head around the expensive embellishments and what not, I like to make cards though and I am also a cheap person. 

Speaking of their rooms, you know where I keep my stash? In an old shoebox, a small used ikea box, a plastic tool box and a recycled plastic container which I'm surprised can hold so much stuffs..heh.  I'm all about recycling the stuffs that I already have to prevent wastage plus it's not possible for me to clear every single unwanted thing in my room I accumulated previously. I was such a hoarder the last time. Can't believe it. Where did I get the money to hoard in the first place?!! But can't entirely blame me as some of the things are not by me because I get stuffs from people at my workplace at times. I don't complain but I just don't know what to do with them except I do give away some of them eventually.

So while I'm a wee bit upset for not being able to go until next week mid week, and probably just be able to be content with whatever is left on the shelves, I have to get my priorities right. Speaking of which, my colleague helped me to get some of the badges and I will most prob get it next week. She knew I was on a budget even though I didn't specifically said it on my facebook but asked me if I still want to get anything. My instant thought was on the badges without the pins because I can use them for my cards.

Oh I also got myself a glue tape! It's a small cute one and somebody left it on my table without any name on it, strangely because normally I know who will give...and nobody said it on the facebook as well when I posted it on the wall. Whoever gave me that, I thank them. On top of that, while I was thinking to myself and being all disappointed I couldn't just join in the 'fun' of buying, I won a RAK. It's a random act of kindness of someone who is willing to give them away. I'm quite scared of these RAK given by any of the group members because the person who got it has to pay it forward. Honestly I don't have any extra stash to pay it forward..haha. But normally what they do is to give away some of the RAK items and include some of them. I didn't see this lady's efforts as a pay it forward kind of RAK because she didn't say so though at one point it was following such trends so I thought heck why not just say 'me pls' when she asked who would like them.

I didn't believe this but I got the RAK! I have saved the picture of the RAK from the giver but I will wait until the actual items got in another post because I just called one of them greedy via this post..haha. I'm such a coward.

Sometimes in life while there are times when things can get so difficult, it is not often we are in this difficult position. While we have to deal with the problems directly, we also need to know that we can also be blessed as long as we have a good heart and good intentions so that good things will happen to us more than the bad things. We just have to learn to believe in ourselves that things can get better and there is always sunshine after the rain so it's not all gloom and doom. 

 understand it's hard but we also have to understand that most times, things do happen for a reason and we have to realize why things happen in the first place. But we are not left at the back of the bus. There will be times we get what we want and we get that shot of happiness and it's not a matter of how long or how short lived that happiness is. It's a matter of enjoying that moment of happiness without any strings attached.

I make support me!

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