Pursuit of Happiness & The Joys in Life

I haven't cleared the things from my haul from Johor Bahru yesterday. To be honest, I didn't buy much but I guess it's in my nature to just not buy a lot in one single shopping spree but you know, I didn't want to make it a wasted trip. More on that in a separate post once I got the photos up.

For once, I thought well it was good I lost a bit of weight so the clothes didn't look too awful on me when I tried them on. I guess the gym sessions and diet conscious me in the weeks prior to the trip helped in a bit? Hee..

My only one single regret is not getting one of the skirts from Factory Outlet Store and I'm deprived of skirts! I think the closest I could find a shop like FOS here in Singapore will be the Song & Song? I believe I can find it in Marine Parade and they sell similar stuffs like basically factory rejects of popular top brands that cost more in the actual shops. I guess I will drop by later to see if I can get one, as long as I still have the moolah because we got our usual quarterly maintenance money. 

So anyway, this week and the middle of last week had been a fantastic ride in the soap world. I have been watching soap dramas for the last few years and I figured lately that well, why I'm sooooo into it is probably because I don't have a social life. But then, come to think of it, this is part of my life. It makes me who I am. While others like to get lost in the storylines of the books they read, I like to get lost in the world of soap dramas or indie movies...fantasy stuffs that make you forget for awhile the world of harsh reality.

Plus it makes me happy. Many people thrive to find happiness in their life. But I learn recently that when you try to find happiness, you will probably never get it. You should be finding simple joys in what you are currently loving and doing in life. Some girls find joy in shoe shopping, some find joy in a job they love, the friendship they treasure, the hobbies they enjoy, anything under the sun that makes them happy. I don't baulk at my friend who is a major shopaholic where else I struggle to find things that I like because I don't quite find the joy in shopping. But I find joy in simply hanging out with them, having lunch and tea break with them and the pure bliss of happiness of being in their company instead of just being surrounded by tonnes of paperwork. 

Life isn't always smooth sailing but it does bring about pleasant surprises and I feel that we should learn to enjoy what we already have instead of constantly trying to pursuit happiness. Just like what people say that sometimes it's just in front of you but you fail to see it right there and then. Of course it's not just enough being happy with what we have now and we must always strive to make things better for us. It's the process of learning which is part of life. But while we are it, what matters most is the journey that we take and not just the destination.

Hope that enlightens some of you who, like me, do struggle in life and at some point think that well, we're better off not be in this world because life isn't worth it. We can bring about the change in ourselves to make things better. The world doesn't owe you a living, right? Hope this inspires you to do something right in your life for once if you sorta messed it up in the first place just like me. We can get through this and learn to appreciate the joys in our lives. So yay, I can finally justify my love for soap dramas..haha!

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