Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love Ourselves & Live Simply

We can get inspirations everywhere and not just from the memes of quotes people paste on their facebook wall..which honestly can get a tad bit annoying sometimes..hehe. And you know where I can inspirations from right if you follow my blog. I get them from whatever I watch on youtube be it from movies or dramas. One of them I learn is that if we don't love ourselves, how can we expect other people to love us??

That's true in the way. You used to hear me moan and groan about me being well, on the heavier side, but the fact that I'm doing something to make it better helps in a way and also about me not being as pretty as other girls but now I have slowly learn to appreciate the fact that this is my looks. Like it or not, it's mine. If other girls choose to have botox, chin filler, plastic surgery's their looks and they can damn well do whatever they want with it. But I just cringe when they overdo it and they end up looking uglier than they already are. The best part? They don't even realize it!

But there are simple rules in life about self loving. Know that there is only one out of you in this world and make yourself as uniquely you as possible. So what if I don't look like a typical pretty Malay girl. I think I'm pretty in my own world but looks are just superficial and clearly I've emphasized before that what is more important is being beautiful inside.

I mean us girls always like to compare ourselves to other girls and then be all sad or even angry like why don't we remotely even look like that. I wish I've got a more slender body so that clothes look better than me but yah, even if I exercise 4 hours daily, I will probably never get that sort of body because I'm built this way. It's just like how if you're short, you can't like make yourself taller. I know there's room for improvement to make myself look slimmer but it I can't go as slim as them, so what right?

Also, how we like to compare ourselves to others in a sense that we will think that well, I want HER life I don't like mine because I don't have the goodies that she has. I'm stuck with this stupid phone and why can't I have a free reign in buying those high end products like mac and I'm always debating with myself over a drugstore product...on discount...because I want to make sure I don't make a careless purchase.

While we can lean to be careful with money but yah sometimes we need to enjoy life as well like try not to be too strict with ourselves. If it's a good buy and we will use them, why not right? But just be sure too that we don't forget about it after we buy. It doesn't really matter if it's a high end or a lower end product as long as we make it worth every single cent. Make up is meant to enhance our looks as part of our self loving because if we look good, we find our own self worth increase in value too when we gain self confidence. Yah, sometimes we need help but think of it as a good help.

Another rule I learn is to live simply. Easier said than done like when you think you have enough clothes, you go ahead and buy some more clothes..haha. Nothing wrong with that but you gotta start wearing what you have instead of just doing impulsive buying because it will eventually become a waste of money when you think you score with good buys. Some people strive to get better phones *cough* iPhone but their current phone is still working well but they change to keep up with the trends in the mobile tech world.

But living simply also means to concentrate on what matters to you most in life. Actually there are a lot of things that we can do without but we are so packed with impression that we have is not good enough. The irony is that living simply....doesn't necessarily mean it is an easy process. But if life isn't always good to us, it's best to reflect and see which areas of our life we need to declutter to remove the emotional baggage that we can carry in us unknowingly.

Okay I'm not the right person to talk about this but this article probably will help you.

72 Ideas to Simply Your Life

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