Beautiful Inside and Out

I couldn't go gym last Sunday and it was so so sad not because I ate a lot the day before like I usually do on Sat..heh...but because I was down to my last few dollars and I still need to buy stuffs for my family :( And my ez link card was running low on cash too so what do I do? I had to forgo transport for that day so that I have some money left to go to work.

What was sad was the situation itself not just a matter of me not being able to burn off some calories.

Oh well, it's over and I survived.

I spent time at a nearby library (like where else could I go?) and thankfully I can walk over to it even though it was freaking hot in the afternoon for me to walk without feeling the sun shining on me. Luckily I get by walking underneath blocks of flat. I read magazines of course (easier...) regarding card making for some fresh new ideas as you know, I love making handmade cards with abstract designs. I was also reading CLEO magazine which is my fav magazine because it's just fun to read unlike the more serious beauty magazines not that they don't write serious articles.

I know I've talked about being beautiful inside and out many many times including one recent one but not all girls have a great self confidence in themselves simply because they think their looks and size do not conform to what is often portrayed as 'beautiful' by the society at large and also beauty magazines. My looks is not conventional plus my nose is big and my face round but so what, they're my quirks :) but when I see other girls I'm like dang! why can't I look like that? It used to be so bad but now I don't really care because I think that what's more important is a beautiful personality. True?

Still beauty comes in different shapes and sizes just like these girls 

If I was drinking water, I swear  would spurt water out when I read their comments that they like their shoulders, flat tummy etc and no, please don't get me wrong though I admit my initial thought was 'what flat tummy?!' But I quickly recomposed my thoughts that these girls have exceedingly high self confidence. Here I am almost half their size smaller and thinking that I shouldn't fuss myself over nitty gritty things like my tummy and big ass of which the latter unfortunately runs in the genes. 

I still think that I want to look better and aim to look leaner not necessarily slimmer and hence trying to eat lesser and doing physical exercise light or otherwise. It's also to increase my energy level because with improper diet and lack of exercising can lead to lethargy. But then I'm not saying these girls don't do that. They do but sometimes there are things about your body that you just can't change much like my 'behind' which I said runs in the family and even though I can never have a smaller butt, I had to work my ass off (geddit?) to make it at least smaller a bit together with my waist line so that I can wear skirts with buttons rather than always with a waist band.

But anyway, the whole point of this story was to show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. A girl can be beautiful and looks so prim and proper with their hair, make up and accessories but the moment they open their mouth or talk bad about others, that's it. You don't see them beautiful anymore. 

So to me, even before this article, I have come to the conclusion that it is way better being beautiful inside and then people will appreciate you more for that and not see you as simply physically beautiful :) Plus, it's an attraction magnet for guys too er..not that I can personally endorse it because my love life is MIA..haha.

Therefore girls, work more on your inner beauty eh, as cliche as that sounds. At the end of the day, you are only beautiful for as long as you think and know you are one. Otherwise, there is always make up. And concealer. A definite must have for me.

I make support me!


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