Closing Down of One of My Favourite Haunts

You know the shop that I often frequented and blogged about recently? Sadly, the shop is ceasing its operations in Singapore and will be concentrating on their stores in Indonesia. They could not find a favourable location in Singapore and then judging from the local scrapbooking market, they felt they were better off concentrating on their Indonesian market. That's sad. This is like the second scrapbooking supplies shop closing down this year. 

So we were all hyped about the moving on sales and then now it has sourly turned to a closing down sales instead. You have no idea the egg-citement of me thinking of going down to Plaza Sing to visit the shop every time pay day comes. And I went a little crazy every time they have sales but not so crazy I spend hundreds. I save a hundred plus yes because their sales prices can be very good like up to 50% discount even.

Ever since their announcement plus the recent one about them closing down, I had gone down four times. I most likely make one last trip the following week in the first week of October where they will be closing down for good on the 7th October just to have one last feel as well. What a very sad departure.

I'm not so crazy over many stuffs because I don't scrapbook and I tend to buy thing that I can maximize their usage and also their things are not very cheap and hence me trying to go down during the times I receive my pay or when they have huge discounted sales. It opened up the possibility of me opening up my online store on facebook and making cards for the teachers' birthdays which I am paid for giving me a bit of additional income every month.

Also, I have made some things and given them out to friends and colleagues all thanks to their supplies. Of course recently I have bought stuffs online as well and many of them in this group also share their love of buying things from this shop. 

So many memories. So far I have gone there alone. My brother tagged along before but only to the front of the shop coz the queue at that time during the sales scared him..haha.

Anyhoo, for their recent sales, I have spent a total of $60 from all the four visits. But originally it would have cost me more than $100. I didn't get a 50% discount for all because I can't really tell the diff between the older stock and the new arrivals especially if they don't clearly label them. I do watch videos on youtube but I'm not on the ball with the new collections and stuff from various makers. However at the very least I did receive some 30% discount on the new arrivals.

Here's my latest loot from Friday and Saturday. Yes I was crazy enough to go both days but I did a 'chop chop' or a quickie grab and go.

Yay, I got myself the versafine which was raved in the facebook group, patterned papers coz mine's running low, yet another 6X6 paper pad (I feel like I'm stocking up for winter) fav of all, a chandelier stamp!!!! I wanted this stamp so badly and this 3 stamps pack costs just $1.95..before the 30% discount! How can I not be happy. However, I went a little bit overbudget because I didn't know I grabbed the new arrivals patterned papers so I was only entitled to 30 and not 50% off per piece except one. HRmph. So I paid $19 plus instead of $10 plus. Oh well, at least I didn't get the Body Shop peach body mist that costs $5.00 at the Body Shop atrium sales coz of the long queue the day before. I didn't know it was an hourly special. So now it's back to $12.90 on Saturday. Oh well, lost opportunity.

Oh, by the way I believe these papers will be well used because a teacher proposed if  I could make for her 39 notebooks and bookmarks for her P6 boys. If she decides to go ahead with her proposal, I can make money! Sort of recuperate part of my loss..heh. Also, time to pay those nasty banks my outstanding credit card payments too. 

Yes, I will now try to concentrate on finding ideas to make money instead of always thinking money is not enough besides always trying to cut down on expenses because that can only be done so much. But of course money is not a good measurement of one's happiness because one can have so much money but if he's not in good health or does not have good relationships with friends and family, can't expect to be happy. Money will always come as long as we work hard and is sincere in our heart but it's up to us to truly enjoy life because we only have one chance to live.

C'est La Vie people! And also good luck with madewithlove in their future endeavours.

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