Birthday Gifts

The other time I was thinking to myself that I need new clothes. So I'm definitely looking forward to my trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia next Saturday so that I can grab me some new clothes and try to get them as cheap as possible, without of course holes and tear. Then this kind soul asked me if I want her clothes because she has some clothes which she can't fit anymore and I thought why not..hehe. I'm fine with second hand clothings. Anything to add to my wardrobe as long as of course, I can fit and wear them.

She also gave me some decorative buttons for my cards which puzzled me initially because I thought that she forgot to give me or something. But then after my birthday, she gave me in this nice little handmade gift bag which I tried to find on youtube later on how to make it, haha.

Anyway, let me share with you the gifts that I got. I didn't take pictures of the things inside though.

I got another gift from my colleague (btw these all above are from them) a day before my birthday and I actually thought I took a picture of it but actually it was a video recording :/

Anyway, it had a cute cat motif packaging which was sweet because after that, inside was a pencil box with more cat motif! All because I like to send her and a couple of my other colleague videos of the popular Maru. You should check out youtube on this cat. He's such a joy to much so in future, I don't need kids, I just need an entertaining fat cat.

Actually the first gift I ever received was a hongbao with Malaysian ringgit in it. I used some of it (changed to SGD first of course) because I was low in cash but will promptly replace it before my trip next Sat.

I wanna thank them from the bottom of my heart for all the gifts :) They make working in the office more worthwhile. They have changed the dynamics of the workplace but they have added some colour to it as well despite some minor squabbles given their age and experience. I guess not every workplace is perfect right? 

I gave them personalized notebooks as a way of saying thanks. Oh, plus a hippo chocolate from Kinder Bueno which they thought at first was an image of a naked woman body because they mistook the hippo's eyes as er...boobs. Never mind. Silly me didn't take a picture of them but the next day I made a notebook for the Vice Principal who kindly gave me hongbao or red packet :)

Of course it has to be bigger lah. The one on the left was the size of notebooks given to my colleagues.

Nice to have people who care about you. To me, it's not the value of the gifts but the kindness of people that touch my heart and I want to thank God for such people. I want to also change for the better because as I age, I don't wish to become just older with age but wiser with knowledge.

I make support me!


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