Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fly High with Kite Festival

I declare today as blog nite because I will be posting several blog posts tonight..heh. First up, we went to a free event called the Kite Festival held at the Waterfront Promenade and many kites flying high up in the air including one with LED lights which was so big at night.

Our mum prepared french toasts...yum..and then someone still had to get some cheese balls from seven eleven but he said I can't complain because he paid for it and he's quite stingy with his money so it is a big deal. Plus nowadays he  likes to emphasize that he's not working so he doesn't earn money unlike me. K whatever.

I hate to tell long stories about events like this because pictures can tell a thousand I'm lazy. Enjoy the captions and pics!

A lone kite flying among the skyscrapers

Look at the colourful displays of kites

Kite making workshop

yay to another free event!

See all the people flying kites..we didn't have one though..Look at the superfake trees behind..haha.

Acapella group all the way from Toronto this was funneh!

I make support me!

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