Using A Word To Go on Your Blackberry w/o Premium

Hi peeps. I totally forgot that I'm supposed to write a blog post about the use of blackberry. To me, it's a perfect smartphone compared to an iphone and NOT to say iphone is not da bomb, it is. I think it's the smartest of them all, of course with minor quibbles here and there. I just's not for me. 

I used to have a pda because I'm the sort of person whose life is never sorted out so with it, I can keep notes, keep up with my appointments, like medical appointments or courses, and the fact that recently, it intergrates with my google calendar means that when I update my google calendar via the computer, it will automatically be updated in my bb calendar. 

Also, if you have the Word to Go software, and its trial use has expired, let me...teach you how to get around it.

Create a word doc on your pc. Name it doc1 for e.g. and type in a few words such as 'hello there'.

Then, you transfer it to your phone either using email or blackberry desktop.

Open the doc on  your bb. 

Delete the contents, which in this case is 'hello there'.

Save as 'word_template' for example as this will be your template for typing word docs.

If you want to create a file and instead of clicking 'New' as it will ask you to buy the premium version, just open the file that you created 'word_template' and start typing using it.

Save as a new file.

Voila! You don't have to buy the premium. It doesn't quite work with excel though I think there may be a tutorial somewhere out there. By the way, u seriously want to use excel on your bb? It's seriously irritating. But you know, I don't use it for business use. Well at least for now.

Okay will look out for more things on the use of bb.

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