Finding Creative Influences Everywhere

Hey peeps,

you know I love reading blogs. I don't get many readers as others do but that's not what I want anyway. So erm..what can I write today.

Oh first up, if you have creative juices running through you, I suggest you make use of them. Not everyone is blessed with a creative streak but let me tell ya something, you can be influenced by the things and people around you that it doesn't take a genius to write something inspirational, design something fabulous and take great photos. All you need is an open your mind and use your eyes for things that can influence you in your creativity. So who says creativity can't be nurtured.

As a start, you can look at other peoples creative outlets like their designs and have a keen sense of interest in them so that you can slowly learn and adapt it to your own style. Most of them start off copying other people's designs but over time, they find a niche and they know what they like and what they don't like and incorporating those elements into their designs.

So everyone else make a banana muffin. You make a banana muffin with blueberry toppings. Well, something in that line. You just put the final touches to it and make your own signature style.

I was out and about and I'm always thinking how else can I make use of a blackberry as a smartphone instead of the usual updating tweets and facebook status. Oh, and checking emails. I decided to turn it into an amazing gadget for creative influences.

I just started today so there isn't much but I think it will give you an idea of what you can use with a blackberry or your iphone and infact, any phone so long as there is a camera function.

Look at these:

texture from a floor in the public toilet..heh.

Lights..and with some potted plant in between..

Floral patterns

More flora patterns

Polka dots

I made a mini design artwork as an example..not my best, but I guess it would do.

click for a larger view

Oh, if you are into youtube, like yours truly here, heh.., actually it is a great source of free video tutorials for photoshops and I learnt how to create a vintage effect and orbs effect while doing the above to add some zing to it. 

Go ahead and experiment. You will be surprised at how a simple plain textures, patterns and designs can influence your arty farty side.

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