Halftone Photoshop Tutorial thru Youtube

Ok I don't know how to do those youtube video tutorials..k fine, they are time consuming and I always wonder how people can find time to do them. I  just help to link from my blog..haha.

Anyway, I learnt yet another photoshop tutorial. I love haltone patterns and I didn't know it is in photoshop all the while despite years of using it. Yes, I is smart sometimes..hrmph.

I used Freddie Smith's picture again..like come on, look at that face! Here's the link to the tutorial:

Well if u don't want to be distracted, u can off the music. It's super easy to follow actually. And I created this, with a bit of my own personal flair:

You know what, I think I may just start a new page on photoshop tutorials. Stay tuned!

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