Never Be Careless Again

It sucks. Let me tell ya. Things happen for a reason and it can be such a chore when it happens. We assume nothing will happen and right then later, it happens. While I can be very careful most of the time especially when I cross the road, not so much when it comes to taking care of my belongings.

This late afternoon, already feeling so down and so lethargic at the gym, while I was taking a rest at the changing room, someone actually took all my money in the wallet.

I did have a flash of thought when I put my bag there initially, like should I zip up my bag. I bought something earlier on at Cotton 0n and then didn't zip up my bag coz I thought nobody would go through it since there are so many things including my clothes, shampoo and others. Furthermore, i also thought there is a security camera nearby so people wouldn't dare look into other people's belongings.

Alas, the camera there is for show only. The gym facilitators were also there to only track people signing in and out and just passing time. Therefore, I got robbed. All $76. My money for this week which I had planned to use as carefully as I can because it was all I got. Of course I was shocked. I was thinking how come my wallet was in full view when I looked at my bag and then I hurriedly opened and was shocked to see that all my money was gone. I never lost so much money before. I asked a relative for help if she could loan me money and hours later, she was so kind as to loan me the amount. I did ask my brother too but I know he would have some problems because he is kinda sticky about us loaning money from him though later he would change his mind hesitantly.

I was worried they would take both my handphones (yes, I carry two..long story) and luckily it was buried underneath my stuffs so I guess it was a hassle and would arouse immediate suspicions. But still, money gone :( Another thing I was thankful for, besides not taking my precious blackberry, is that they didn't take my whole wallet. All my cards are there including my identity card.

In view of this, I have decided to change strategy. I would spend an additional $0.40 (what is $0.40 compared to a lot of money lost)  just to put my belongings in the locker. Much safer.

So if you are reading this, my advice is for you to not take things lightly when it comes to your personal belongings. So what if there is a person there to take care or a security camera. It will be a hassle for them to go through the camera unless it is a major crime and they need the tape. Lost means lost. So be vigilant. Same here too...le sigh.


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