True Nature of People

This post is akin to the previous post regarding toxic friends. Sometimes we think that we know a person well enough and even get to embrace some not so pleasant  parts because we believe in the person as in we know their good side over weighs the bad and that hey, we're all ain't perfect. But then wham..the person shows his or her true identity and then slowly but surely you begin thinking what in the world were you thinking being friends or in a relationship with this person. They can be so venomous in their words, so cold hearted and so downright mean, it becomes a side you have never seen before and you become not so sure if you want such a person in your life.

Generally, you will come across such people. It's up to you whether you want to continue being in a relationship with someone who has no sense of sympathy towards others but are so caring towards your needs. You feel like you are torn apart but to me, if it really bugs you so much about it, and not making you happy like you don't see the person as who you used to think they are, sad to say in such a situation, it's best to move on. I mean you can still keep in touch with the person especially if you guys have shared a close bond before. But it's also not wrong to slowly lose touch with them if it hurts you to know what sort of  person they really are. Sad but I guess people are like that. They won't actually show their ugly side to other people until something triggers them and bothers them so much. A friend whom you think is so caring, suddenly leans so much towards racism or homophobia. Worse, if their stand involves illogical reasons, and then encouraging other people to stand by their distorted opinions, it can really put yourself in a huge dilemma like making yourself think like why you are friends with them in the first place.

The world is a colourful place. The world can be filled with many unreasonable and selfish people. In true human spirit, we must be able to survive in the sometimes, cold hearted world. There are people who only know how to talk big, condemn others but they themselves are in no position to criticize others as they have caused unpleasantness in others without realizing it coz their ego is too big or they are just too absent minded to bother about other issues that seem 'trivial' to them.

Whatever the case or scenario is, we have to learn to look out for ourselves and be less judgmental of others, and not to follow what the majority believes in. If some people think that being nasty to others is the way to go to get their demands across, then let them. If some people think that by fabricating a story to make this particular someone a bad person, then let them. We can either choose to reason out with them and if they refuse to listen, then back away gently and do not let it affect you personally. They have nothing against you actually but some things may have happened that they become so jaded. Sometimes you just have to  understand where they are coming from.

Overall, believe in the truth and if you are the one who always hit by ridiculous criticism of mostly no basis to them, just put your head high and know in your heart where you stand and what you believe in and that you are doing your best. 

So back to the people whom you think you know but turn out to be a little bit too much to handle, weigh your options carefully. No need to get into arguments, no need to shove your opinions down the person's throat but just try to understand where they are coming from. If all else fails, you have to learn to back away slowly, let go and move on.


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