Driven at Work

I just watched the undercover boss episode at xinmsn on the episode on white castle. It was inspirational learning about the people that work there, their fears, their hope and ambition. The ones that made me rather emotional is how they don't treat their job as just a regular job at white castle. They are very driven because they feel like they need to keep going. Some of them do it because they want to continue providing for their family while some do it to get the exposure of working in a restaurant while harbouring a dream of opening one themselves.

Of course they didn't know they are actually talking to one of the owners of white castle. He learnt a lot about his company in the production lines and frontline and how they aint easy jobs. Howver these very people depended on these jobs to make a living and they do them well because they want to continue to support themselves and their families.

Overall, it was heartwarming. For me it used to be me just going through the motion at work but nowadays I feel like I want to be more driven like them. I want to work as hard as them and hope for a promotion so that I get a better pay and be finally able to save to fund my studies. I don't want to earn money to fund shopping but I want to use it for the future and the family.
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