Photo Effects

Vintage effect..

I love lomo effect and vintage effect of photos. Heh, I actually like any effects as long as they add some zing to the photos and now, there are a lot of free apps for your smartphone so that you don't have to like uhm..spend time making your plain picture less than  ordinary.

For blackberry, there is the pixtrix that places filters over your photos. You can give it a try (it's absolutely free by the way) and let it change your world..or at least your pictures.


I can't wait to get back my old laptop so that I can install the photoshop CS2 cd which I can't do on my current laptop. I know they have 5 now or whatever and I'm still stuck at 2. If you need to know, like as if you do, I'm STILL using adobe photoshop 7. It's basic yet functional without the complications that comes with the latest software. For professionals, CS is the way to go. For newbies or dunnobies like me, 7 is suffice.

Let me show you the vintage effect using photoshop through this youtube video:

 and the orbs effect:

I referred to these videos in my previous artwork using photoshop 7.

Have a creative weekend!

Oh before you go off and have replenish your creative juices,

freddie smith..before and after vintage mode:

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