Things That Make Us Happy

Finally I solved the problem of Maria! I mean..I finally solved the problem of my missing share buttons. Thanks to the blogger forum, some kind soul has posted the answer for it. Anyhoo, you can now share my posts to any social networking website and drive traffic to my poor unread blog! hahaha..

Oh yes, I love tweaking my blog because blogger always seem to come up with something new :S and tonight I came home and I'm like..'whalamak?!' how do I nagivate the page? They changed the layout and suddenly I feel like a blind woman trying to navigate my way around. Needs time getting used to it.

I've been ranting about my poor sad life and the weekend had been so 'fantastic'. In short, I lost money, had to use money reserved for my bills so that my family and I don't starve this week and I just felt like I lost a whole lot of motivation in my life. But I guess that is life in general. Some moments are good and some moments are simply so bleh. 

Yesterday I thought I would strive to be happier since happiness lies in our hands. Life is about choices. We can choose to be happy or we can choose to continue being in a sad depressing state. Anyway, life DOES have its moments like when you get something new, managed to buy something at such cheapo price and still looks good on you (don't forget that cheap doesn't mean MUST BUY) and even something nice to read. 

I share with you some pics taken over the weekend...

My friend made laminated frames of me and Nutty from a photoshoot we had a few months back. One of the pics, I used for the banner on the blog even before I got the actual copy, heh..

I look fat but oh well, I got praises for being so sweet and pretty. I loike..but of course, I beg to differ on that. My friend Nutty hardly wears makeup and I'm just dying to put on makeup for her one day..hehe...but once Snow puts on blusher on her, she totally looks so radiant!

I admire her coz she can really look good but we're the type who can walk out of the house almost barefaced. Being too made up all the time can be boring and it doesn't really show the real you. I know we must always look impeccable but that can be so tiring and time consuming having to put loads of makeup all the time and hardly reveal how we actually look like. There are a lot of beauty junkies out there (in my defense, I still think I'm not though I love love love reading and watching on make up and its applications) who are such pros but a pity, they are so consumed by it, they hate how they look sans makeup. You shouldn't hate your look :) you should learn to embrace it.

Enough blabbering..haha. Anyway, you will also get to see my new bag all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It looks like a balenciaga city bag which I love but I can't get the real deal coz it's too ex. If people ask, I won't say it's a balenciaga but rather, inspired by it.

I told you I won't get that much bags so when I do get one, I make sure I get one that I would really like. Simple as that. Even clothes. It's called selective shopping. Saves money too, like how over the weekend I got two new tops, one that costs $10 and the other $15.

Alright, hope this is a good read for ya!

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