Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Life 101: Don't have time? Then make time!

When we are all busy running errands every now and then, its easy to lose track of time and just focus on doing our work and not having time to do anything else. But life is not about earning money only though of course if we don't earn money then life will be harder. It is also about making time for ourselves, for our loved ones, and to indulge ourselves in our interests. To me, it makes life even more meaningful because we only have one life to live.

One day as I was going through the newsfeed for facebook, I came a status update from a contact. She did a beautiful artwork and other people who are in the same profession as her asked her how come she is so free? Her organization did not give her much to do is it? Her simple answer is to make time.

I once know of someone in the same course as me who teaches yoga after work. She also teaches yoga with other organizations while holding onto a full time job. Then what about those stay at home mums who also run a business at home while looking after their kids. So many examples and I truly admire their hard work unlike silly old me who likes to just veg out after work.

I believe if you plan your time well, you can accomplish many things. If you can juggle more than one thing a time, then you can also accomplish within a shorter period of time.

Remember that we only have one life to live so it is always best to treasure the time and learn to make time. Be a better person so I hope this is inspirational enough for you to accomplish things that you think will never have time for.

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