Accessories in the Making

By the way, last week I told you that I designed a pair of earrings which is like a BIG BIG BIG achievement for me considering I am so lazy to the bone and yet I want to have my very own online shop. Go figure. But I've been scouting around for ideas and places where I can sell and how to sell them. I am going to create a new blog just for this and I hope to get it done by next month July 12. Target, target.

Anyway, this is what I did. So Proud!

I will try to make conventional ones like the above and unique ones too and I will make sure the accessories that I make are good enough for me to even wear them. Trust me, I may not be the biggest accessories fan but I am very very selective. My personal style? I actually like metal pieces. 

Anyway, every time I make something, I will post them up here but they're not for sale yet. They are going to be really affordable that even if you are broke, like me most of the time, they are still within your budget. You can't afford NOT to accessorize though you don't have to always look good all the time but accessories have the ability to make your blah outfit into Plus, if you have a good eye for accessories, even the most simple looking one can look good when paired with the perfect outfit.

Egg-cited? I know I am.

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