Life 101: Strength Through Difficulties

I have been rather exhausted over the weekend since Friday because my younger brother was hospitalized after an operation. He is back home already, still weak and the bandage around his surgical wound was taken off today so he is experiencing soreness around the area. I shall post up my er..'weekend story' later on.

So my plans on starting my own blogshop selling handmade accessories have been put on hold first because after returning home, I just want to zzzzzz....though I am going to continue it today. Hopefully :S

I took two days off on Friday and Monday. I am almost broke but I try not to make it so bad though yes I have sleepless nights thinking about it. I am trying my best to cope with the expenses and it's not easy what with the travel and food expenses since I have to go back and forth the hospital. Overall, I guess I could still manage and my mum and I would share the plate of food together though she craved to eat this or that and saying no to her would incur wrath as if I'm trying to cause her some misery.

I seriously don't know if my salary plus bonus next month would be of any big help though to a certain extent, I know it definitely will. But I have regretted my financial decisions this year which let me to a bigger debt that I have expected and I plan to clear them as much as I can within the next few months, fingers crossed even if I have to cut my own expenses and not plan on any major shopping sprees. 

But again I stress, it's life. What is life without these obstacles which challenge you and only strive to make you a better person? We learn through mistakes.

In life, we find strength through difficulties. It's true that we do not need a lot of money in life but we still need money to survive. I still think happiness doesn't always lie in having a lot of money and that we do have the right to find our own happiness. Persevere and we can push through difficult times. But don't forget that once things get easier for us, we must NOT forget how difficult life is before this so that we do not lose our bearing.

Don't give up hope. Even if it means that you have to totally plunge yourself into a different territory but if you know that things will only get better, it definitely will. And with that, you may even discover the strength in you that you don't even know exist. 

Step out and don't be scared of obstacles. Live one day at a time.

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