Til Death Do Us Part?

The people in Hollywood glamorized marriage and they are also responsible for glamourizing divorce as well. However, I still think that marriage is a beautiful thing, though for some, the beauty ends at the wedding ceremony itself.

I believe that we ought to have a life partner to take care of us in our senior years. However, it is not easy finding that life partner. Many girls are finding the wrong one and sadly they are still holding on to them for the sake of not being single or to be blamed upon if the relationship goes awry. A message that I wish to convey to them, you deserve happiness. If it is not working for you, perhaps it is time to move on. You will meet new people, reconcile with old ones and who knows, even find your life partner among them.

For me, as you know, haven't been so lucky in love. I used to think that maybe I'm not that pretty, slim and intelligent enough. But now, I don't really care about it anymore. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, I just grab the next good looking available guy and we can call it a day. Kidding.

Personally, I don't deserve one, at least not for now. There are a lot of kinks that I need to iron out in my life and get things in order before I can look into the crystal ball again for a glimmer of hope. I don't have much expectations about guys except that they must be really tolerant with me as my awkwardness and shyness can be a tad overwhelming sometimes. They must also be sincere, basically have some ambition in life to be for the better and then love me unconditionally. Geez, things I learnt from soap dramas :/

But secretly, I still think that marriage isn't for me. I'm neither girlfriend or wife material. Give me time, and I still think I'm not qualified enough. I know that not everyone is perfect but then marriage is about learning to give and take and to take care of each other till death do us part.

So I could understand how the lead felt in a movie I watched in youtube. It is just not the kind of life she wanted. But being a muslim, we are encouraged to find a life partner. So I'm kinda am in a fix about that, haha..like I can't run away from it.

But then again, it isn't easy to find some guy who even remotely like me because I'm just not one to go out and socialise and make new friends on a whim. I prefer having a smaller circle of friends who help one another out and to be ther for one another. I'm an introvert but people do warm up to me easily coz I guess I'm quite easygoing in nature despite my awkward shyness.

While being just a regular girl with no outstanding personality or looks can dampen my spirits, nowadays I don't let it get me down. I don't think so much now about how I look like how I'm not as pretty and slim as them. I'm me, take it or leave it. Even bigger sized girls can find love so it is a misconception right from the start that if you are just an average looker, you won't have much luck in love.

So my advice to you girls out there, whether you are young or more mature, please choose your life partner carefully. It is not about guys who have the deepest pocket, or the flashiest car, but about those who will take care of you no matter what and grow old with you.

You deserve happiness so don't hold on to a relationship that you are not happy in. Talk it out and if you both can't reach a favourable agreement, maybe it is time to move on.

For those swinging singles especially those girls without much confidence in themselves as they are just too self conscious, now don't feel that way. You are fab in your own way. If he can't see that in you, you don't need that guy. Trust me, with your kindness and sincerity, you will surely find someone more deserving of you.

Don't give up hope yet girls. For those who have found their life partner, congrats :) but continue to be loving and supporting of each other.
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